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  1. one question how to find the exactly name oh each airport ? looking in the terrain folder, but nothing. i look for the new syria map thanks
  2. unable to work one, even with the path snap to the railroad, and a west to east path can you share one for see how's it work ? IT WORKS ! just you have to put the train on railroads, and then you should in the editor to add one par one the loco and the wagon it works fine, from any path
  3. Another bump, anybody can help to 2.5.6 compatible ?
  4. for the corrupted skin, here's a fix 0. search the skin folder on DCS 1. look for texture files called *.bmp.dds or *.tga.dds and rename them to *.dds 2. in the description.lua then rename anything referring to "*.bmp" (or *.tga) by removing the '.bmp/tga'
  5. Are you sure you have delete all files you put in EagleDynamics\dcsworldopenbeta\mods\tech ? the good path for instalation is C:\Users\xx\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech
  6. Yes me too, amazing mission, and thanks for this work. Really awesome play time, and enjoying the concept ( and the ME work too ) Me too, confuse with the trigger zone area, too much in my sens. Playing the mission with 3 player, all trigger come on, it was a bit confuse. So i have edited the mission file, and i put a countdown timer, can be intialise before the flight, or during the flight. Simply, 3 timing for small, moderate, large, and default The 911 calling frequency can be adjust by F-10 Radio - select small = 911 stand by for 3 minutes - 911 available for 60 secondes - select mo
  7. is the Moving Area work with train ? it seems not, all is correct in the ME, but looks like the Moving area is not attached to the train. Would like to simulate a landing on the train with helo thanks
  8. More simple wpt 1 hold with an orbit a stop condition with flag 1 = on here flag 1 for 800 secondes, but it will be better with a trigger radio, or flag 1 = true when the sam is damaged hold.miz
  9. unable to active AB in the 19 no light green in cockpit, no AB in F2 view, and so no power it's me and i miss somrthing, or after update bug ? i've saw the throttle binding, and it is correct for the course anyone ?
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