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  1. I actually figured out what I was doing wrong (i.e. I was being an idiot again and didn't RTFM properly). Two main problems: Not testing that the export actually worked (wrong syntax in export.lua, with a ' that snuck in) through the ConREF-tool, and secondly not reading the part where I have to set up the Export.lua correctly, start a mission and then check that DCS actually exports things before I can actually program the buttons from within DCSFlightPanels. So yep, a clear case of PIFOS/PEBCAK. Right now I'm looking at getting the landing-light status to
  2. I get much the same error with the same panel, although with an AV8B-profile. 24.03.2021 10:27:27 version : 1.0.324.6091 System.NullReferenceException Objektreferanse er ikke satt til en objektforekomst. ved NonVisuals.ProfileHandler.set_Profile(DCSFPProfile value) ved NonVisuals.ProfileHandler.NewProfile() ved DCSFlightpanels.MainWindow.CreateNewProfile() ved DCSFlightpanels.MainWindow.WindowLoaded(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 24.03.2021 10:27:16 version : 1.0.324.6091 System.NullReferenceException Objektreferanse er ikke satt til
  3. I did some testing, and ONLY the Harrier has this issue. I tested the Hornet, Viper, F5, A-10C II and Viggen. Only the Harrier has the issue, and it gets progressively worse as you zoom out. To other aircraft you basically look like Santa Claus. It's a minor issue all in all, but an issue either way. No idea whether this is an ED-specific issue or an RB-issue.
  4. Key words are trim and small stick-movements. I've found that I also have to adjust the nozzle-angle slightly once I enter a hover. Oh, and practice. A LOT of practice.
  5. Understandable :) I'll continue my search :D
  6. Thanks, derammo :) I'll take any hints on things that can do the same as IRIS and that works with Helios eagerly :D
  7. One question I've been trying to get info on: Can I use Helios to export viewports/MPCD's to a networked unit with a touchscreen, such as the Surface Pro 4 I have sitting collecting dust? I know there was a system called IRIS that was used earlier, but that seems to be discontinued.
  8. Because the intent makes absolutely no sense to me at all. The ARBS is a major system. It's also present in the jet. Sure, not a very GOOD representation of it (or very functional one), but it's there. And as said before: Feature Complete doesn't mean that development has stopped, and there will be changes going forward. If not...well, then Razbam has gone off to use a pogostick in a minefield, with much of the expected reactions. There isn't one, but it was a good place to use that quote :P
  9. I used ETA as an example to show that people misunderstand things willingly. Estimated Time of Arrival damn near always turns into Time of Arrival and a tremendous amount of screaming, just as we now see with Feature Complete. People chucked the word Feature, went with Complete, and then started screaming. The screaming could have been mitigated with communication, which we've touched upon a number of times. People would still scream (because that's what we as a community are EXTREMELY good at), but probably not as much. Not the worst example, but also not the best. We're not talkin
  10. Your post is factually wrong: the Harrier is NOT complete. Feature Complete doesn't mean complete, which is a fact that has been stated NUMEROUS times by both ED and Razbam themselves. Development on it continues, and yes, I know we can sit here arguing about just what feature complete actually entails. We've been down that road before, two threads have already been closed because of it. This is why so many software-devs have stopped giving out ETA's. People chuck the first word and then scream bloody murder when the remaining ones is pushed back. Same sort of lazy, silly thinking, and it r
  11. And now we're firmly into the discussion about just what Early Access entails, and what feature complete actually entails. That's something we can discuss until we're all dead, buried and turned into tiny droplets of oil. Maybe the whole EA-program needs to change. Maybe if they called it Alpha, Beta and Release-products, we wouldn't end up in this gigantic discussions that frankly we all perpetuate. Couple that with milestones defined by ED that constituted the various stages so that all developers were playing on the same sheet of music as well. That would at least give us as customers fi
  12. Simulating a system IS a matter of licensing when you are also selling said simulation for profit. If you don't think so, make a simulation of something and see just how many company lawyers and/or cease and desist-orders you get. And besides, it doesn't matter if a system isn't used anymore or not doesn't mean that the info on it is exempt from classified etc. If you want proof: Find official documentation from official sources about the actual top speed on the SR-71. Key word here is official sources, aka USAF/US DOD. I'll wait. When it comes to GPS-guided weapons in DCS (or others, li
  13. I know it's possible to have a discussion without personal attacks. That wasn't one. That was merely an observation that everyone should ask themselves before buying anything hobby-related. I bought an honest product, and I bought it at EA due to not just the price (I'm a cheap tosspot, after all, with a limited amount of free money to throw at my hobbies), but also with to the promise that it would be as finished as it could be at some point in the future. Whether that comes to pass is yet unknown, but that was the risk I took with my $49,99. If it DOESN'T come to pass, I'll just a
  14. Again, read what I wrote, and have written multiple times. I have NEVER said that the Harrier is all good. It's got issues aplenty that needs to be looked at, but it is NOT, in my opinion and experience, the absolute trash so many people make it out to be. And nobody forced you to buy the Harrier, even when it WAS defined as an EA-product. You knew full well that there would be issues, and you did so knowing full well that it would take time, maybe years, before it got to the point it is in now. That's the choice we make and the risk we take when we buy anything in EA. The
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