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  1. Maybe we will see some of this in our beloved Hog one day. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37233/the-a-10-warthog-is-preparing-for-its-biggest-upgrade-in-over-a-decade
  2. I play in 4K and use scale GUI. I have noticed that when playing back a track I am unable to move my mouse cursor into the map area when using F10. The cursor refuses to move to the map and will only allow me to move it across the icons bar at the top of the screen. Similarly if I restore the cockpit view the same thing happens i.e. the cursor immediately returns to the top left corner of the screen and remains there regardless of what I do with the mouse. The same conditions occur on all maps and with different aircraft. If I turn off scale GUI the cursor behaves correctly. This happen
  3. Anyone interested in the F22 will find this very informative. I realise this is not DCS related (at the moment Ha Ha).
  4. Check this........ Read comments for access to the bubble.
  5. I too have the same problem. I've tried with AI only flights and with a wingman. The AI and wingman abort as they always receive a waveoff. The deck is not foul, no enemy assets anywhere close, SC is at 30 knots into wind.
  6. Everyone stop worrying, its come from China so it will soon break ! :)
  7. Try this, locate the Server LUA in your DCS config folder. Make a copy as a backup. Now open the original using Notepad++. Look at line 6 which should read CameraTerrainRestriction = true. Alter the value to false, save and run DCS. You should now be able to drop through the terrain. Use Lctrl + F11 to enable free camera movement. If you have a mod enabler you can use that.
  8. Hi all if you haven't seen this already you may find it interesting....... https://www.mudspike.com/mudspike-ama-with-eagle-dynamics-senior-producer-matt-wagner/
  9. I do not have the "User Theme" option in the modules Icons on the initial opening screen. if this is the same for everyone then obviously you cannot select your own wallpaper.
  10. Thanks mate, I've checked this again after a repair and removing all mods except this one. I have the problem with other aircraft now also but it seems to be only in one of my own missions on the Caucasus map. I set up another bare bones mission with just three aircraft and the problem has not reappeared so it must be a peculiarity of the original mission. Sorry to waste your time mate. Please keep up the good work with mods and your informative mission editor vids.
  11. It may be just me but having this mod installed seems to remove all cockpit shadows in FA18c. Not tried yet with other aircraft.
  12. I am experiencing a freeze on the loading screen. This is on NTTR map with Red ground units and a mixed loadout on the Hornet consisting of Mav F and JSOW>from an air start. No problem with a clean aircraft.
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