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  1. I am aware about xp issue But i done it first for vista user (like me) I use vista64 but i tested also on xp64 and i saw fps increase (few) I totally agree that is more useful for vista users Skypat
  2. great news but i think that DcsMax will be out before the two more weeks patch :) best regards Skypat
  3. hello, i'am working on DcsMax. This utility will be able to force all cores (defaull settings) or some core (manual settings) to work when DCS is running. It's full automatical and detect also when DCS is already running and apply core settings Launch it and forget it, it run silently it will also be able to launch (or detect running) some major utilities like TrackIr, Teamspeak, Mumble (more coming) works on XP32/XP64/VISTA32/VISTA64 Soon available ps: if you have some idea.... it's now ;)
  4. hello ModMan is out you can download ModMan here http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5767 ------- - When adding a Ka-50 skin, entries from skin.lma7 will be also added automatically to the KA-50 *.skins damage file for other aircraft you need to specify the filelist in skin.lma7 file (see DCS_new_skin_slot.doc documentation) - DCS_new_skin_slot.doc documentation updated For end-users You just need ton uninstall your ModMan 7 skin then re-install it with (or newer) to take advantage of the Skin damage file auto-registration best regards Skypat ps: first post updated for skin.lma7 file example
  5. Upcoming ModMan will add automatically entries to others ka-50 'skin damage' files (you don't need to modify existing skin modman package). when ModMan will be out, user will just need to uninstall the skin then re-install the skin. release date is unknown at this time but it will be soon best regards Skypat
  6. "file = Bazar\World\Shapes\KA-50.skins file = Bazar\World\Shapes\KA-50-BLADE.skins file = Bazar\World\Shapes\KA-50-NOSE.skins file = Bazar\World\Shapes\KA-50-TAIL.skins file = Bazar\World\Shapes\KA-50-WING-L.skins file = Bazar\World\Shapes\KA-50-WING-R.skins" is not working... i checked the code twice, even with a bug, it can't work because there is no loop at all inside please re-test it, it's very strange
  7. hello no, it's not supported at all, i checked the code, it can't work at all btw, was in holiday, i received your mails best regards Skypat
  8. great ;) just a precision for users :) users must put the 3 .rar files (included in the big .rar downloaded) in their modman/addon_dcs folder best regards Skypat
  9. hello just do 3 mods packages (one per skin) each package will use a skin.lma7 file overwriting the db_countries.lua is not the good way to go (with or without using modman) a mod (whatever it is) should not overwrite BS shared files, because it may corrupt user installation best regard Skypat
  10. hello warning this package don't use Modman 7 feature (read the Word documentation located in modman/doc) you are overwriting db_countries.lua which is a very 'hot file' it means that others skins mods already installed won't work anymore btw great skins ;) best regards Skypat
  11. ModMan available (hotfix) ------- - When adding a skin with index number even (ie: 2.0, 3.0) , the skin will be now added properly first post updated best regards Skypat
  12. hello thx for feedback :) fixed in http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5721 (also available by built-in update check) best regards Skypat
  13. the best way to change heading is: 1- going to the new heading 2- stabilize the ka-50 4- press 'T'rim and release instant like mckee said, to fly like real ka-50 pilot - PITCH/BANK/HEAD HOLD must be always on and if you need to do aerien show, put the FD (flight director) button on
  14. made it ModMan compliant http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5735
  15. sorry i don't know at all this Mod works very fine on my side i hope you haven't it installed if DCS was already launched ?
  16. fixed in released today (hotfix) ------- - Fix an obvious bug in file management system about some hang during mod scan/install process (ie: for 'A-10-1.0.zip' lockon mod from simmod) http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5721
  17. ok it's fixed is available http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5721 best regards Skypat
  18. yes i forgot to check... in the addon maker window, you can use the 'CFG' button (at the bottom right) this CFG button allow you to set pre-defined *.cfg entries changes (i mean others entries needed than the default automatic cdds entry) these entries will be added to your *.cfg file before/after (it's a parameter choice) the mod install process (and removed during uninstall process) in your case the file parameter must be set to 'config\graphics.cfg' best regards Skypat
  19. hello ModMan package http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5730 Best regards Skypat
  20. hello send me a link to the skin will convert it best regards Skypat
  21. the original digital camo is based on OLD method to add skins it overwrite ka-50.skins, countries.lua, Ka-50.lua these files are shared by differents skins. the NEW and GOOD method is described here (not overwrite these files anymore) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=36690 there is also a word documentation for skin artist in /modman/docs
  22. ModMan Final is available http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5721 first post updated
  23. it's good ! 1- go to the mission editor 2- click on your KA-50 unit on the map 3- at the right of your screen (unit description), click on the Payload icon 4- now at the botton right, a dropdown list box appear showing you skins names 5- choose 'Modman sample skin' in dropdown 6- Save mission 7- fly ! best regards Skypat
  24. ModMan final will be available today(01-15) or tomorrow(01-16) best regards Skypat
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