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  1. Hi, this skin is from RC_Moose, all credit goes to him on my side i worked on his original skin to apply some HQ filter and some hand editing. the goal was to enhance it here is the result ingame click on then screenshot to view the full size 1920*1200 (then click 2nd time if it's not in full size)
  2. i made very quickly a powerpoint file to show comparaison BEFORE/AFTER http://www.checksix-fr.com/files/skypat/SharkPit.pps it's a bit blur due to compression there are 2 view compared in the powerpoint (4 images)
  3. these texture cockpit are awesome.. originals ED textures was not perfect at all too blur on some part or too ugly for others parts (like abris background) and too pixelised with TangoRomeo's textures, Ka-50 cockpit is now the best cockpit ever with the best texture ever (compared with all PC simulator included FSX mods) GREAT WORKS
  4. hello all here is the ModMan package @TangoRomeo may you edit your first post to include the ModMan url ? thx in advance enjoy TangoRomeo's incredible cockpit ! Download ModMan package here http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5827 best regards Skypat
  5. hello will do a modman package for the beta ;) so people with 'middle' pc won't see any fps drop best regards Skypat
  6. you don't have at all to uninstall (or to reload) mod in order to upgrade to a new version... where did you read that ???? sound like pretty clear (in setup installer): Updating your ModMan version older than ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1- Uninstall ALL your addons 2- Uninstall older ModMan version (older than 3- Run this setup to install ModMan version %ProductVer% Updating your ModMan version or newer ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1- Just run this setup to install ModMan %ProductVer% there was several release since version and NO ONE required to uninstall/reload mod....
  7. @TangoRomeo if your cockpit texture are larger than original ED texture, you won't be able to replace the file in the original cockpit****.cdds file and placing files in temp texture folder is not a good idea at all because it may result in FPS drop the best way is to use ED Tools to build your own CDDS file named like: TangoRomeo_highres_cockpits.cdds Best regards Skypat
  8. Hello, incredible work ! if you need help for the ModMan package, i can do it for you. BTW, i think it will be a good idea to release beta version of your cockpit textures in order to find all graphics glitch before the 'final' version. just my 2 cents ;) great works Best regards Skypat
  9. are you sure that ZIP your downloaded are modman package ? is there an addon.lma file in each ZIP ?
  10. i was talking about the fact that Hover mode cues was displayed when FD is on but YES the other 'potential' bug is always here :\ and i hope for Dev feedbacks
  11. ok i found the reason it's not a bug when FD is on and when autohover is on, we are in fact in assisted hover mode ! all the hud cues displayed by by FD mode are used for help to go and maintain a manual hover position ! theses cues are updated in real time in regards to input command. when you match exactly the cues, you will be in hover. hope it's help best regards Skypat
  12. i'am on windows 7 build 7068 launching a mission require max 30s from main menu to cockpit not a windows 7 issue did you disabled your antivirus ?
  13. are you on vista and have you installed BS (and/or Modman) in c:\program files ? if you did it then you miss this message during install process Windows VISTA 32bits and 64bits users: Don't install ModMan and your game in "c:\program files\" folder due to UAC protect feature. not sure it's your issue.
  14. yes i agree, we need to know how the real beast work :) dev feedbacks will be grantly appreciated :) thx best regards Skypat
  15. i have done nothing you may try yourself :) go in hover manually (stabilize yourself your ka-50) then juste follow these step (don't touch your joystick) press these key 1- ALT+T (auto hover) 2- LCTRL-a (FD go ON) 3- LCTRL-a (FD go OFF) at this step, auto hover light are always on, autohover circle is displayed on HUD but autohover don't control anything strange..isn't it ? i think it's a bug either autohover should be on properly (not only light and circle but should control hover), either autohover should be off and so light and autohover circle should go off too best regards SKypat
  16. Hello all (1)- i'am in autohover mode autohover light is on autohover circle on hud is displayed ka-50 is not moving, it is in hover (2)- i enable FD (flight director ON) FD light is on FD override autohover (OK) autohover light is always on autohover circle on hud is always displayed my ka-50 is moving, it's not in hover i can live with that, i think it's not a bug because FD override AP now let's continue to the 'bug' step ;) (3)- NOW i disabled FD (flight director OFF) FD light is off autohover light is always on autohover circle on hud is always displayed BUT ka-50 is not in hover, ka-50 is moving like in normal mode (with AP full on) i must disable autohover then reengage it to make autohover working is it a bug ? (i mean step 3) thx in advance best regards Skypat
  17. hahaha love it ! on my side actually i dont need to be a kamikaze to crash the ka-50 :D
  18. ok will try to resume to be sure 1/ when you launch mission from BS main menu - Skin is loaded - mission is launched 2/ when you launch mission from DcsMax and have selected a skin - windows exception error am i right ? if i'am right and in case 2, may you launch a mission with DcsMax without selecting a skin and tell me please thx in advance
  19. what is your modman version ? just to check and be sure did you try in game ? did you see the canadian skin listed in BS misson editor ?
  20. you 're right about your pack it's DCS_Skin-Slovakia_Digital_Camo which don't register in the good way, it use the 'old' method
  21. what was the error ? 2 possible case a/ this may happen (rarely) on very fast system because DcsMax didn't finished its mission editing and dcs.exe try to load mission. b/ you are using a skin (like canadia skin) which are not registered right because canada ID don't exists in db_countries.lua file some canadian skin use RUSSIA faction (good), some others use CANADA faction(wrong because you need another mod installing a specific db_countries ) hope i'am clear ;)
  22. theses are not good skin package, they overwrite some BS hotest files and are not registered correctly in ka-50.lua files theses skins were the first out some month ago so they didn't use the good registering method. try with recent skins ;)
  23. love it as trainer skin !
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