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  1. you're right. 7.3 version will be available this week-end and will manage both best regards Skypat
  2. hello, false positive. setup installer (i use setup factory) and dxtex.exe files may be detected as trojan/virus by some heuristic AV program i use ESET SMART SECURITY (NOD3 v 4.x) on my side and no false positive on modman best regards Skypat
  3. sorry i haven't any mirrors and i have problem to access lockonfiles, my upload stop in the middle
  4. i have a 8800 GTX ULTRA around 45-50 fps in cockpit (same settings and mod as screenshot)
  5. here is my last try - shadow enhanced - reflection enhanced - bloom tweaked - fps optimization
  6. first post updated with download link. give it a try for information, cockpit shown in this screenshot is from Ricardo great HD work
  7. just a question ! (take a look in full screen mode) :D try this package Improve atmospheric for FC2 v1.1 - Bloom/hdr engine - Enhanced Cloud - Shadow enhanced - Reflection enhanced - Fps optimization for shadow Greetings - Mitch (for originals clouds) - Tobia (for tweaking Mitch clouds to HD) - Crazysundog (for his work on Bloom settings value) - Obiwan (for alternate bloom tweaks) - Boris Vorontsov (ENBseries api DLL) Download here this is a try
  8. AIM-9P and AIM-9M fixed in upcoming version
  9. i'am not using these values in modman package (based on DCS package) http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=51915 { element("A10-PILON-DOP", 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000), element("AIM-9", 0.400000, -0.043000, -0.351000, drawarg(1, 1.000000), drawarg(2, 1.000000) ), element("AIM-9", 0.400000, -0.043000, 0.341000, drawarg(1, 1.000000), drawarg(2, 1.000000) ), }
  10. the DCS:ka-50 pack was released by SimMod team some month ago
  11. Modman in: [drive]:\ModMan FC2 in [drive]:\FC2 just an example
  12. Hello SimMod A-10 for FC2 ModMan pack v1.1 released Description: Packed by Skypat for FC2 compatibility, tested by Phoenix (aka Habu) - Thx to TomWeiss for tweaks - Thx to UWBurRn for tweaks thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=51564 v1.1 - AIM-9M rotated/twisted - AIM-9P fixed - 6DOF implemented (work for all planes) V1.0 - cockpit alignment fixed - Pylons fixed (including AIM-9M) all credit to simmoders This pack is based on A-10 for DCS mod original pack Made by Deadman - Consultant, Researcher, Template Highwayman-Ed - Scripting, Documentation, Missions Mustang - Beta Tester Rockwelder - Texture Artist, Web Support Ruggbutt - Texture Artist SuperKungFu - Beta Tester, Researcher, Video artist Warthogmadman987 - Beta Tester Yeniceri - 3d Artist Download here
  13. i'am actualling testing a A-10 mod packed by myself. thx for the tweaks stay tuned for release
  14. ModMan is just a mod manager. it means that if a FC1 mod is not compliant with FC2, ModMan won't solve the problem ;) but PLENTY of FC1 mod are compliant with FC2. Just test it, and uninstall it if the mod don't work best regards Skypat
  15. for BS and older lockon series, no for FC2, yes because FC2 was not officially supported by modman so i don't know at all what was your modman.ini settings to make FC2 compliant. with all FC2 addons are located in 'addons_fc2' folder move your several addon in this folder, it will work :) best regards Skypat
  16. hello ModMan all mirrors are allowed, don't ask for the server used for checking modman version is not uptodate, ModMan will told you to download version, just disable 'check à startup' option in the right options windows (use pink arrow) to avoid this spamming message. it will be fixed serverside within 48h Best regards Skypat
  17. on my side, it's personnal choice, i dislike installing 20 skins if i will fly with only 2 skins. in example, for my personal use, i reworked the A10 package. One mod for A10 3D model One mod for skin1 One mod for skin2 ... each skinpackage don't use old slot anymore Each time i add a skin mod, - Modman add entries to the .skins file - Modman add entries to the db_countries.lua file it require more work from the modder/packer (due to several modman package), but the database integrity is 'certified' for the user during install/uninstall ------------- The easy way: INstall A10/F15/su27 3Dmodel package BEFORE installing all others skins mods and you will avoid problem. and UNinstall A10/F15/su27 3Dmodel AFTER uninstalling all others skins mods and you will avoid problem. ------------- BTW, ModMan is just an tool, everyone can use is as he want. anyway modman display a warning to user when a package want to overwrite a hot file so they can abort Skypat out.
  18. ok i understand. in fact you want 'good skin name' for and not reusing 'old id and old skin name' in example: if your new 3D model skin is (color) yellow, you don't want the old skinname 'The green team' you want 'the yellow team' skin name. in fact you want to replace all the F-15 section in db_countries.lua files. that's not possible. you have 2 solutions 1- using the old id and skinname for referencing several new 3D model skin 2- adding new skin slot for the new 3D models (but the old skin slot will make artefact/bug on the new 3D model) you can add the word 'new' to these skin name so users will be able to see what are the skins to use with the new 3D model #2 is the best solution if you want absolutely use new skin name (and new id) the last solution is to install A10/F15 before all others mods... A+
  19. replacing db_countries.cfg file is a wrong and bad way because you are corrupting completely the skin database if some skins was installed before yours. It's not a way to choose at all to pack such a file in a mod. (BTW like *.skins file too...) To preserve the database integrity, the good way is to add entries to this file not to overwrite it. (you just need to make a skin.lma file) modifying db_countries..lua file is only required for NEW SLOT. for new 3DMODEL, no need to owerwrite/modify db_countres.lua, just re-use the same skin name entries (skin ID and skin name) and use these ID/NAME in your dedicated .skins files. in fact i don't understand at all why are you modifying db_countries.lua file ? (even for new 3DMODEL) what is the real problem to solve in this file ? A+
  20. since 7.1 version, mod replacing db_countries.lua was made in the wrong way. For a new skin slot, modman add the entries to db_countries.lua automatically. There are plenty of DCS BS ka-50 skins around the place which work in the good way. for month this modman feature is working fine on BS FC2 have now the same 'skin' file structure so it's working in the same way. btw, i seen that somebody posted a modman.ini settings to make modman 7.1 version working with FC2. these settings are wrong because it's disabling the skin DCS feature . i have posted in the same thread the good settings. the skins feature is described in modman/docs/DCS_new_skin_slot.doc word document. best regards
  21. use these settings please for ModMan 7.1 APP_MISC_FEATURE = MISC_CAT3 is very important for skin managing BTW modman 7.2 will be released this week fully supporting FC2 GAME_NAME = Flaming Cliffs 2.0 GAME_ID = fc2 GAME_REGKEY = HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Eagle Dynamics\LockOn Flaming Cliffs 2\Path GAME_REGKEY_PATH = Path GAME_EXE = bin\x86\stable\launcher.exe GAME_EXE_OPTION = -console GAME_EXE_MP = bin\x86\stable\simulator.exe GAME_EXE_MP_OPTION = -net gui GAME_TEXTURETEMP_PATH = Bazar\TempTextures\ APP_MISC_FEATURE = MISC_CAT3 APP_CATALOG_EXTENSION = .CDDS APP_INI_MANAGEMENT = 0 APP_FILE_MANAGEMENT = 1 APP_CFG_MANAGEMENT = 1 APP_ADDON_DB = addon.lma3 APP_ADDON_URL = APP_CATEGORIE = required\CAT_lockon.txt
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