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  1. I confirm for simplex, that's too bad I didn't test it before...It give 95% of fps win you can have with Kegetys shadermod with the encrypted shaders of current DCS version, without any of the drawbacks of other version of the shadermod.... The next release of my mod will be compatible with it.
  2. Hello, As written in first post, global illumination is not supported for the whole mod. I'll have a look on water quality impact for flat shadow soften, Maybe different shaders are used regarding water quality, I already had the issue for other things... I fixed the issue of flat shadow soften, I did not noticed it in my testings... it should be fixed in next release. I did also some testing and will ensure compatibility of 3Dmigoto mod with simplex instead of Speed-Of-Heat version of shader mod because it provided the same fps win for less impact.
  3. Thanks for the track, but there is no label on it, I do not know how to toogle them on by playing a track... Anyway, it was instant action / Su25T / free flight, so I launched it and did not see any issue: both labels are masked.
  4. Thanks. So I do not understand why I did not see the same effect (previously it was the case). Maybe it's the patch I made for compatibiliy with my mod ? I'll check.
  5. Thanks. It's a bit late for the v13, I'll add the missing ones later. In the meantime I think you'll be able to add them under menu control by looking in d3dx.ini,
  6. Just test the same mission with or wihtout the shader mod. I used Quick mission/ A10CII / takeoff (caucasus) in VR as a bench, because fps are low so it shown if the mod is worth. From my point of view, game should be tuned for lowest fps (of course without saturation linked to too many units). I used fraps, it work also in VR, and use 30s delay (as soon as OK button is pressed in game) to get min/med/max fps numbers. I did a full repair, get measurement, install the shader mod and did again the measurements.
  7. 01/14/2022 version 13.0 for stable and OB flat shadow soften improvement + new menu option to remove them if needed bug fixes @Xerno @edmuss : it may be possible that your issue would be fixed by this version, I found a bug with masking in some condition. Could you test ?
  8. Hello, I did some testing for the new version of my mod and the last beta... My measurement shown less fps with the shader mod than without...quick mission / A10CII / takeoff. I used Spead-Of-Heat version of Kegetys mod. Can you confirm ?
  9. Try with the track here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/287270-cluster-munition-craters-cause-huge-fps-drop-what-is-hmdendframe/?do=findComment&comment=4852146 If you do not have improvement => do the trouble shooting guide provided in first post of the mod thread, because you may have a config issue If you have improvement => post a track, because other shaders may be involved.
  10. You can also have a look here : https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/207154-3dmigoto-vr-mod-for-dcs-label-masking-color-enhancement-sharpen-fxaa-copypaste-of-radio-msg
  11. Fine ! Could you please put object/building/tree in shadow reference ? It will avoir me to search for this information. The idea is to provide to user the choice to toggle off only one class of flat shadow.
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