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  1. You can use graphic hints of WMR settings (blue and red boxes on upper left) to know when reproj is triggered.
  2. Hello, unfortunatelly, that's difficult to solve if not easilly reproduced...Do you have a scenario that create the line often ? For example I did not have issues with the cursor in the last missions I flew...But I already noticed it in the past... I take some elements (as screen size) from shaders, so if they are not used in the right ordrer some problem may occur. Some specific combination of scenary/weather/time may create this kind of issue... Finally, I found a bug with label masking when default format is not used. It's solved and will be available in next version.
  3. Thanks. I will add information in first post. can you give more explanation ? Where are good coordinates displayed on map ?
  4. Hello, you can use OpenVRSettingsUX.exe, which is in [your steam install]\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\bin\win64 to set reprojection option without using setting screen in VR. (Tips from https://vr4dcs.com/2020/12/24/how-to-nail-reverb-setup/ given on C6 forum by loulou la loutre ..)
  5. Hello, for information my mod allows also to change NVG size, but you do it in game interactivelly by pressing keys to make them larger or smaller, and you save your setting at the end. You can also modify convergence in NVG view, as they are slightly zoomed by default, it may help with some HMD...
  6. Hello, I received it some days ago and just migrate my old jetseat to the new cover. Quality of new cover is far better, foam is thicker and more dense. Anyway, I replaced the upper layer with 30mm high density foam, in which I made holes for motors. So I do not feel their shapes anymore, just the vibrations. Very confortable. Maybe a bit expensive upgrade, but it is worth for my point of view.
  7. I do not know, I did not test this Pimax installer...
  8. Hello, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, there is few you can do for AI, except hinding its flaws with smart triggering or actions. I just wanted to report that maybe you should made WP1 optional (and inform it can be bypassed) to help to have the flight joining up and keep timing. And are you creating the WP on target automatically or did I create it double time without caring ?
  9. I just test it one hour (I moved to Reverb, and tested it to sell it with my Pimax 5K+). It works quite well with DCS Leap : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/fr/files/3306533/ I did not spend too much time to fine tune it, but I was able to switch and turn anything in cockpit. I think with a few more time and training it will work OK. Do not try to use controller emulation for DCS, it's not working well. I had to use an old version of https://github.com/SDraw/driver_leap, the last one was creating 2 second delay for virtual controller actions !
  10. I just finished the mission, it was great even if a bit long...I really like the way you did the campaign, with difficulty slighly increasing, painting the context mission by mission, radio messages,...All is well done, Some remarks, flight start rolling just when I asked the takeof clearance (I had a mission message just before, near entrance of runway 25). So finally they were late, and never managed to really join up. As there is great time margin, and I did know if WP 1 was really important or not, I passed all WP and so did not have the time to wait them...I passed above stadium at 1
  11. Hello, I did not check for last beta, but it was the case in the past, I loose time because I worked on it without understanding it was not displayed in HMD ! Fine ! At least it's logical. The mod is not compatible with anything that change the way the game display things...If the other mod is acting on different part than my mod both will works, otherwise not.And as the 3dmigoto is not modifying anything in gale, it will always ne broken by the others... Try to keep all but Mustang mods, shadows, grayscale. Add one by one except Mustang shader mod, because I know it changes
  12. Can you also try to use my mod on a "vanilla" (without any changes) DCS stable version ?
  13. I do not understand what's going on with your config...You do not have the same shader reference than me, and if I use your graphic settings my mod is working. So something is changing your DCS vs mine (and other users, as other can use my mod). The only logical explanation should be a mod...Unfortunatelly, I can not find the shader reference on your config, and moreover I can not do a mod version for each user with differences... Can you give here your config : CPU, GPU, VR HMD, windows version, ... ?
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