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  1. Hi if you look closely in the Unguided Weapons video, you can see that you have the option to fire both at the same time, you can choose so in the armament panel
  2. I am charity, there needs money for my DCS addiction
  3. Bedouin


    Really, its been in progress for almost 6-8 years, and there have been WIP pictures released throughout this period, and I personally have had the same hope/idea that next year it will come to pre-order and been disappointed every time but I really hope your right, its my favorite jet and the only thing I want to fly other than choppers... But I don't think you should hold your breath
  4. Bedouin


    From where do you conclude its most likely next year???
  5. I tried to search the answer, but either i am blind or else it hasn't been mentioned... will we get fuel-pods for the Apache, i really like how it looks on the IDF ones.
  6. here is link to the topic over at Wishlist, where it has been discussed..
  7. Lol this picture are from Boeings news about the deal with Australia, so perhaps Boeing and the Aussies have change colorscheme, or Boeing just didn't had attention to the colors
  8. This one as the future Aussie one, wow
  9. Artic winter in Caucasus, don't think the winter in the Caucasus is near the arctic
  10. Hi, Have we heard anything about if its possible to fly all solo without a AI co-gunner/pilot or will you have to have it... i know its unrealistic but more if the AI is an annoying dumb fool, then better without him/her
  11. Patience is a virtue so its fine. Then my collective and cyclic can arrive in time for training with Huey before the EA of the Apache, and also give me time to set up my simpit at home to accommodate the wonderful Apache
  12. True about the Collective and Cyclic, i was more thinking about all the panels as you state there ain't that many..
  13. Compared to other Modules, i feel the Apache has relative fewer buttons, switches and etc. Of course the collective is pretty unique with it double handle.
  14. I am using a 50" Acer flat, and there is enough surface to give a nice feel of immersion for me. My normal gaming PC are using a 34" Ultrawide Predator.
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