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  1. That was just a one shot experiment :)
  2. I did a try last year :D https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/screenshots-and-videos/250116-dcs-comic-1-and-last-issue?t=248405 This page was very useful for references: https://blambot.com/pages/comic-book-grammar-tradition Good luck :)
  3. So USB 3.0 Hub on the screen: no USB 2.0 Hub on the keyboard: no USB 2.0 on the computer : yes Thanks :)
  4. Hi all :) I am starting to play with DCS-BIOS and an Arduino Uno board in order to create Course, Heading and radar alt commands for the F-14B So I have a small setup with 3 rotary encoders and the followiing code: #define DCSBIOS_IRQ_SERIAL #include "DcsBios.h" /* paste code snippets from the reference documentation here */ DcsBios::RotaryEncoder pltHsdKnobCrs("PLT_HSD_KNOB_CRS", "-182", "+182", 2, 3); DcsBios::RotaryEncoder pltHsdKnobHdg("PLT_HSD_KNOB_HDG", "-182", "+182", 4, 5); DcsBios::RotaryEncoder pltRadarAltKnob("PLT_RADAR_ALT_KNOB", "-182", "+182", 6, 7); DcsBios::Switch2Pos pltRadarAltBit("PLT_RADAR_ALT_BIT", 8); void setup() { DcsBios::setup(); } void loop() { DcsBios::loop(); }The problem, I think, comes from is the COM 4 which stays in "connecting" state So nothing occurs in DCS. Any ideas ?
  5. I have a Steelseries Arctis 7 with a DelanClip. I use it only for gaming. The Artics 7 is light and comfortable. Drawback: not for all heads : > 60 cm : not recommended 100 % wireless gaming :D
  6. I updated my computer to Windows May 2020. There is a feature called Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling. It may improves some performances. :D Before, DCS had no problem So I enabled it. Why not ? :) On -> DCS hangs at the splash screen with a black background and the current theme music started. So Crtl+Alt+Suppr -> I killed it. I restarted it just after and it was ok Off -> No problem I play on the last stable release with the Nivida drivers 451.48.
  7. File > Export PNG image. Use "selection" mode and select what you want. At 60 dpi you get a 152x152 px image. The Stream Deck uses a 144x144 image.
  8. Helvetica You can use Arial which is very close to Helvetica
  9. One thing: you have to enable left/right modfier when you assign a shortcut in the streamdeck: just click the menu right to the shorcut textfield. Thanks for the gift but I have enough modules now and not enough time . I added my button model: https://github.com/Togg-streamdeck/dcs/blob/master/buttonModel.svg You can now create your own buttons with same look. I use Inkscape.
  10. F-14 is a work in progress so yes there are some missing bindings. You have to do it (both in DCS and the Streamdeck.) if you want to use them. The RIO seat makes the task longer than the F-18. Moreover there are some bindings that do not exist yet in the module (station switches for instance) There is no need for a plugin. Even if it gives interesting possibilities, I want something that works standalone.
  11. Hi GunSlingerAUS Exemple: for the A10C Copy/paste the a10c KeyBoard.diff.lua in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\A-10C\keyboard\ It will overwrite your current keyboard.diff. You need it beacuse it contains the key bindings for the streamdeck.
  12. APEM 637H/2, 6,18 € at Farnell (for exemple) Datasheet : http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1697794.pdf Good point: you can download the CAD model. I use APEM switches for my little project: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269592
  13. Step 2 Wiring : Front:
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