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  1. 80 seconds for both versions of the AMRAAM
  2. Wait till you level out, in a bank it is unusable for any SA
  3. No, that is theorycrafting from a video game perspective a feature that you wish you had so fratting in a video game wouldn't happen or so you'd have an option to be more carefree with your shots. IRL that is not how the thought process goes. It is hard enough to get the missile to get to the target on its own. The entire existence of the missile and the radar system is to get the missile to the target. The operator is supposed to be the QC that what they are shooting is the right thing, and then the missile gets there. There is no Abort missile option or thought process that goes
  4. Yeah when designing a weapon system like this the links in the chain and implementation are there to get the missile to the target. There is little or no consideration for what if you shot at the wrong thing. Thats on aircrew/tactics to perform their IFF/ROE stuff before they pull the trigger, and thats why they go through training. It is not a consideration in employment or design of real air to air missiles of what if I shot the wrong thing. You should have figured that out before you shot the missile. If trying to cancel a missile that was in the air was a consideration instead
  5. Command Inertial Active and Inertial Active is how the AMRAAM works, it is specific language to how the AMRAAM's operating concept works, it is not a term that is just thrown around.
  6. I also do not disagree, but I also think that making distinctions like that in the absence of information are fine because again reasonable assumptions in the absence of hard data. It also serves the purpose from a game mechanics perspective of making the two missiles distinct and having separate capabilities and distinct advantages/disadvantages and employment considerations. To me thats more important in a game than just a different chaff value. I mean you could just implement it and say "These are our best assumptions based on the lack of hard data" caveat, that is e
  7. Yup, that matches everything I've ever seen on the AIM-54C, which is that its more like an AMRAAM than not.
  8. The overwhelming response if you ask any tomcat aircrew or read any reports about the difference is if you are given the choice between an AIM-54A of any flavor and an AIM-54C, throw the AIM-54A in the trash and go with the AIM-54C every single time. Unfortunately right now in DCS its just a pick between better kinematics (Mk60) or better Chaff resistance (AIM-54C). It should be a much more distinct difference than that, and making it operate like an AMRAAM instead of the rube goldberg device that the AIM-54A is would go a long ways to delineating that. Unfortunately as Naquii sai
  9. Best data out there on the 54C is that it adds a Command Inertial mode. No details on how that functions or what exactly that means. You could read between the lines because that is a completely different terminology than any of the AIM-54A's modes, and it also matches AMRAAM terminology (Command Inertial Active). The minimum you can draw from that along with the fact that the AIM-54C has a strap on IRU/INS type system is that it probly implemented some form of AMRAAM style command inertial guidance. How that functions with the AWG-9, what its limitations are, how it swaps between that and the
  10. Pre-Ordered 4 Dec 2020 Reciept from Virpil UAB on 18 Dec 2020 Order updated to complete on 30 Dec 2020 Fedex tracking number recieved 30 Dec 2020 Shipped to my door 4 Jan 2021 I have ordered several things from virpil, and especially with a preorder wait till you get the reciept/invoice, after that things move pretty quick.
  11. in PD-STT it may continue to guide if you manage to relock the target in PD-STT. In TWS there is nothing to be done. go out, preserve range, recommit and shoot him again. To help minimize the track hold issue (which is far better than it used to be) After shooting descend below the target, that way the target can no longer notch your radar and cause a track hold/decorelation that way. May still happen, but it helps. Next if you are shooting into a complicated blob of targets it can also happen, you kinda just have to accept it. With a wingman, this is where you can either both
  12. No he's talking about shooting in TWS-A, as you are supposed to for an ARH AIM-54 at range. If you shoot in PD-STT you will have a SARH missile that will NEVER go active if you snip it. If you shoot in TWS-A, wait until you see the target track start blinking, that is your missile activation cue, and you no longer need to support it. If you turn around prior to the blinking target track, your missile will also NEVER go active. If you have Target size set to medium, that happens at ~16 seconds to go. If you tell jester/your RIO to set target size large it happens at ~23 seconds to go.
  13. Got mine on monday, the detent setup in software was not intuitive, until I found this post VPC Detent setup Key thing that took a bit of kajiggering was that the right throttle axes is inverted (raw values decrease instead of increase) so when setting the detents I had to invert the values, took a bit of trial and error to figure it out later I can post what it looks like in my setup as an example, but just be ready for that. Once thats setup the afterburner detent works great. The afterburner detent is a push thru btw, its just a hard push through, tighten that bolt dow
  14. There are many rotaries, knobs, and dials that need to be turned in DCS. While it is awesome that we have to click and manipulate every single one, it is also painful that the mouse cursor is always stabilized to our viewport, which becomes more important when we are using a headtracking device, or VR. Suggestion/Solution 1) a sticky cursor option in the controls. Let the cursor stick to the nearest hotspot in the cockpit, and stay stuck to it as long as it is within the field of view of the viewport, unless we move the mouse enough to "break" the stick. Yes this is very simil
  15. You still have to hit the UFCD IFF and then power the system on, anything you do after that will have zero effect in game. Doesn't matter what you have colonized or what code is in what window, if the system is on its still the same side based IFF return to everybody else it was previously, and your interrogator works as it did previously as well, plus the auto IFF settings on the Az/El page.
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