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  1. Not how I was hoping it worked, but useful all the same. Thanks!
  2. Isn't that the one that killed its test pilots due to pitching up too hard and the blades intersecting the cockpit? People already have problems keeping the Ka-50 from going into blender mode with its own blades, the reaction to this thing would be hilarious!
  3. Sooo, back to the question at hand. If one uses the DMT to lock on to an air target, will the Sidewinder seeker be cued to that target? Or do you still need to fire them boresight like most other radar-less aircraft?
  4. Yeah, the tests I heard of way back when sounded like the earlier Sidewinders had similar performance. Even the newest AIM-9X, which is more or less an IR-Imaging missile is a mixed bag when they tried it. But I'd figure that ability would be most useful for low-flying aircraft, like helos, with using Sidewinders in ways the manufacturer does not recommend being secondary.
  5. Well, being able to load troops that have been set out for you in the mission is good, and one half of what is needed. What I speak of is being able to add troop units to appropriate vehicles from its rearm screen, which I see as the other half.
  6. Now we just need the ability to select and load infantry teams from the loadout screen and the Hip and Iroquois will be golden!
  7. The problem with using just the motion controllers to manipulate the aircraft controls is a lack of tactile feedback, telling you where your gimbal limits are and such. Even force sensing controls provide a kind of tactile feedback in that you can feel how hard you are pushing or pulling on it. By comparison, using VR hand controls will provide no feedback at all about control position. A very simplified example of this in action is in the new Star Trek Bridge Crew VR game. Controls in the helm there are nowhere near as complex as here, and I still find it hard properly steering the ship with the hand controls on the in-game console. Trying to manipulate a HOTAS with them would be orders of magnitude worse!
  8. Is the AV-8B NA capable of cueing Sidewinders off the DMT? Or are they just straight bore-sight shots like every other aircraft without a radar? I was thinking of some situations where it would be interesting if that were the case, mostly relating to low-flying aircraft or using Sidewinders as impromptu AGM's against hot ground targets, and just wanted to know if it were possible.
  9. Can Intrepid Tiger jam missile data-link signals? Would be interesting if the thing could force a WVR engagement by causing all Fox-3 shots to go maddog.
  10. Some time between now and the vacuum decay of the universe. Unless it isn't, in which case you'd have other things to worry about.
  11. Everyone is all focused on jets. How about the 'Flying Anachronism' itself, the A-1 Skyraider? AKA 'Sandy', AKA 'Spad', AKA 'The thing that took the creation of attack helicopters to render obsolete'
  12. Sealpup


    Ya know, it might look better as a unit bracketed to the top of the co-pilot's dash rather than jammed into the console like that. Unless they are planning to make it look like it fits a bit better.
  13. Its the particle effects from the rocket smoke trails. Cluster munitions detonating on the ground can also cause it. Methinks someone bumped something in the particle render code.
  14. It could end up a sealclubber, but it will not be nerfed. It will be modeled as accurately as LNS can manage, and the majority of us expect no less.
  15. The image in the sight should be focused to infinity, just like the HUD. So all that moving your head closer would accomplish is to get a bit more of the eyepiece out of your field of vision.
  16. If 'balancing' were a thing in DCS, then the Su-27 and MiG-29 would still have access to the R-27AE.
  17. Will these have the option of setting a key command for each one? Such would be useful for those of us with access to Voice Attack or similar speech recognition packages.
  18. Received signal strength on the beam is one idea. Battery run time is another. Both would make sense if you wanted to keep your guided weapon from becoming an EOD problem.
  19. Radar signals have a thing called 'side lobes'. Without getting too much into detail, the radar beam not only emits where the dish is pointing, but also off angle as well. This energy can create reflections against things the dish is not directly pointing at, resulting in interference. In the case of the Sapfir, it is likely that at altitudes below 3km, the sidelobes are bouncing fairly constantly off the ground, essentially self-jamming the radar. New radars use post processing tricks to get around this, but given the age of the Sapfir, it is something the MiG just needs to live with.
  20. That used to be my usual smart-alec response to people asking about release dates. Then it was pointed out to me that 'heat death' is no longer an accepted failure mode for the universe.
  21. That's assuming they dont lean on the work already done for the A-10C's TGP. True it's LITENING vs LANTIRN, but I would imagine a lot of the legwork would be similar in modelling between the two, with the differences being in resolution and sensor sensitivity.
  22. Sometime between now and the vacuum decay of the universe.
  23. For an unsuccessful attempt, you DID manage to put it on the runway, wheels down, and without a smoking hole.
  24. There is also the possibility that some radars change their modulation characteristics to something more compatible with the missile seeker-head when an SARH is launched, and the RWR picks up on the change.
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