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  1. You may have a point for most aircraft. But for Harriers, Tucanos, and loaded down Hinds, the ability to have 'unimproved' airfields would be a godsend.
  2. I'm going to be another one of 'those guys' and say MiG-25. Because who wouldn't want the Blackbird's little drinking buddy?
  3. Just great. First I was getting impatient about the 'cat. Now I'm getting impatient about the music that comes with it!
  4. I'd say a Cobra, and VIFFing and nozzling, are equally useful: They only work once, in specific situations, against someone that doesn't know to watch out for it.
  5. Well, the fact that they are releasing this is a good omen, I would say.
  6. I am glad I'm not the only one noticing that. Every time I see them demoing a ground attack, I'm biting my tongue to not scream at the monitor for them to set up their runs better and from farther away. This thing needs to hit early access soon, so people with a bit more knowledge of the tactics can start testing it in a proper attack profile, before any functionality gets truly finalized.
  7. Honestly? Now adays most higher end GPS receivers use NAVSTAR and GLONASS at the same time anyways, so it wouldn't really matter.
  8. Are you talking about retreating blade stall, vortex ring, or over-AoA stall? I know the first two are there, but I've yet to stall the blades by just cranking collective before the engines under-rev on me. Or if it does, I'm missing the symptoms.
  9. I could swear that is the open ocean theater that was mentioned however long ago.
  10. I thought that the B coming first was just going to be an early access/beta thing, along with the B not having access to the Lantirn TGP at first.
  11. That may be the case. I know they're old bug radars from an upgrade program, for some reason I thought they were super-bug upgrades.
  12. Likely. My understanding is that the radars for the plus came from Hornets that were being upgraded to Super-bugs rather than new built units. So only so many radars to go around for upgrading Harriers, while having enough left aside for spares.
  13. These would be wonderful for those of us who want a desert camo 'Cat without having to fly an Iranian 'Cat.
  14. Actually, performance should be on par with a P-51D. The PT-6 variant used on the Tucano puts about 1,600HP to the screw, vs 1,400-1,700 (WEP use depending) for the Packard Merlin on the 'Stang. Also, the Tucano has an empty weight of abouts 7,000lbs, compared to 7,500 for the P-51D, with a similar wingloading between them. Both aircraft also have a similar max takeoff weight of around 12,000lbs. The one place where the Tucano suffers compared to the Mustang is in-built weapons, sporting only a pair of .50cal guns to the Mustang's six-pack, though the Tucano can also sling additional .50's and 20mm gunpods. This all assumes a straight gunfight of course.
  15. I don't thing the heading AP channel works with weight on wheels.
  16. Came expecting someone forgetting this is a sim, and not a game. Saw an ID4 reference Left pleasantly surprised.
  17. Depends. If they were early in their tour, they may of still been fully provisioned. Which means they had food squirreled away in every crevise not already utilized. So, yes, it may HAVE been quicker to find potatoes than firearms.
  18. My planet needs meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
  19. By chance, are you trying to do a six-pod loadout, or a loadout with pods only on 1,2,5,6? The six-pod loadout has some weirdness due to how the fire control system behaves, while a 1,2,5,6 loadout is not listed as supported per the manual. Sadly I'm not able to test this at the moment myself, being away from home.
  20. To place the higher rez first-person cockpit in place while allowing for the surrounding airframe to be visible from inside without clipping, I would assume.
  21. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3174709&postcount=1018 ^.^
  22. Actually, that new KAB-500, and the new cluster bombs have a platform in common; the Su-24M. And coincidentally enough, a cut-cockpit model for the Su-24M was recently added to DCS' assets. Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say.
  23. This is one of the things I hope is coming with 2.5. The FW-190D has it, so I would assume it just needs to filter down.
  24. Head on passes or wingtip to wingtip. Never come in from the rear quarter lest you want to see an aerial rendition of 'will it blend'.
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