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  1. Didn't you know? This is The Internet! And in The Internet, all software devs are interchangeable cogs in the machinery of the software mines. Specializations are a myth! (/s)
  2. Manually controlled with three positions: One each for full extended and swept, and an intermediate 'cruise' position.
  3. Now, ya see? THIS is a proper dance partner for the F-4E!
  4. Still kinda burned out on the Apache thanks to Janes. That said, a Blackhawk DAP would be wonderful. Nothing like a big helo with a truckload of weapons strapped on!
  5. Sooooo... Might we be able to get a lawyer-friendly 95XL look-alike at some point? ^.^
  6. Green tint is due to green being right in the middle of our eyes' frequency response. Same for most modern HUDs also being green.
  7. Antenna frequency response could be an issue. The RWR receiver antennae are likely chosen so that they cover a wide range. But things at the edge of the frequency response will have signal loss before it even reaches the receiver.
  8. It may not be a case of 'can it carry and fire it' as much as 'will it do anything bad to the plane when it fires'. We already have one rocket that strangles the engine if launched from the inboard pylons. So its possible that such a prolific weapon might be excluded for similar reasons.
  9. Same here. Complete braindump on that article there.
  10. Whatever carrier looks best, and 'First Flight' from the Ace Combat 5 soundtrack.
  11. Seeing as you wrote your own radar for this thing, will it have the AWG-9's (admittedly rudimentary) ground mapping mode?
  12. I wonder if it will be part of the 'Crazy Iranian Loadouts' option? Assuming that is still a thing.
  13. Having a hard time with the site you listed now. But the site you listed before, which does show HARM and Harpoon capability also shows compatibility with the AMRAAM. So at least one of the sites you're referencing seems to be talking about the Plus and not the Night Attack.
  14. I asked the devs about this before. Apparently the DMT can be slaved to the Sidewinder seeker for target ID purposes. However the inverse is not true. You cannot use the DMT to cue the Sidewinder. At the moment, the ability to see what the Sidewinder is tracking does not seem to be in the module.
  15. I would imagine that the Mav-E would still be usable with a TGP, as it does not provide a video feed. Correct?
  16. Confirmed. Shortly before my last deployment before leaving the USAF, I went through combat skills training. One of the exercises was driving a humvee, at night, through a wooded course with current-gen NODs. The lack of depth perception had me overshooting more than a few turns... Poor humvee had at least thirty pounds of palmetto bush wedged in the grill by the end of the night.
  17. The answer might be country of origin of the aircraft. ED and BST are Russian companies, and Russia has certain laws with regards to depicting military craft still in active service. The slowdown on the Mi-24 may be BST keeping their legal ducks in a row.
  18. Depends on the dragon and the fictional universe.
  19. Dont forget the multicrew and crew AI hats. They'd be bouncing between both projects fairly constantly.
  20. LOTS of Mk 82's. I think, like 14 of them?
  21. Not just them. They also are used when the USAF has to tank Navy or USMC birds over longer distances. I rode on one such KC-135 from Hickam to Wake Island once. One of the Marines just couldn't keep the hose off the nose!
  22. I do not believe Falanga (3M11) and Shturm (9K114) are compatible. Falanga is an MCLOS missile, where the gunner steers the missile to target, while Shturm is an RF beam-rider. They would require completely different sighting systems. Well, good thing this is an assault helicopter and not a gunship, eh?
  23. Of the choices, I take the Yak. The other two dont really interest me.
  24. Sooo... you guys going to give us a KC-130? ^.^
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