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  1. Speaking of LANTIRN and RIOs... Has anyone demonstrated how to get Jester to pick and designate targets without taking manual control of the back seat?
  2. Maybe one of the hat switches, set to increase and decrease the setting with a centering binding?
  3. The F-4E we'd be getting is an ARN-101 bird. Early 80's era, not 'nam.
  4. According to the manual, it can be slaved to either the radar, or (if you're trying to be sneaky) the TCS.
  5. If they get added to the USAF Aggressors 'country', that would work too. But I guess at that point they should just drop the 'USAF' from the name.
  6. Does anyone know if the Bad Cats or Navy Aggressors in general will end up with their own 'country' in DCS, as they did for the USAF Aggressors with the F-5 release? Something I've been curious about, and my search-fu is failing me in seeing if it's been asked before or not.
  7. Pump sumps, fuel feed locations in each tank, and debris settling space are the three common culprits.
  8. This would probably come down to if they are a Cuban based team, or just there doing research. If it's the latter, they could probably fudge it. If its the former, not so much.
  9. This I am curious of as well. As it would make things like TGP target finding nearly impossible without a human RIO in multiplayer. Also being limited to only Jester would likely limit the number of radar tricks one can pull.
  10. This may change once Heatblur's F-14 and Phoenix are in. It appears the missile has the capability of flipping back and forth between active and SARH mode as needed. Meaning if you notch the missile, and the firing platform has an STT lock, the missile may well still see you. This assumes the AI gets access to Heatblur's missiles, of course.
  11. Chronic Smoking Hole Syndrome?
  12. They likely felt that supersonic maneuvering would be important for the type during development. Once they started getting some real world operational data, it didn't turn out to be so important.
  13. Not entirely. The Su-24M (Not M2) might be possible. Both as it is 80's era and an exported platform, contrasted to the M2 which is modernized and only used by Russia.
  14. No, but they're wired for mavericks. If I remember correctly, the original implementation of the pod was in a kind of 'maverick emulation mode', so it had to go on the wings at first. It was only after the aircraft was wired to semi-natively accept the pod on the center station that they changed where it was hung.
  15. OV-10 is being done in one of the artist's spare time for the moment. Meanwhile, the MiG-19 is being done by a completely separate team within the company.
  16. Just about anything can carry an AIM-9, provided its either uncooled or peltier cooled. For boresight use all one needs is an audio hookup for the seeker output, a power source for the cooler if its has peltier cooling, and a voltage source for the igniter. Its the LN2 cooled ones that complicate things.
  17. I thought weight had something to do with it as well, though. I remember hearing (possibly anecdotal) claims of carrying inert training Phoenixes opposite the TGP as well just to balance out the load.
  18. You forgot 'Between now and the eventual vacuum decay of the universe.'
  19. Almost right. 'Maddog' means the missile has no datalink support, and is thus looking for the brightest radar return to kill. That could mean a boresight shot, but it could also mean it was locked and fired normally and the launching aircraft needed to break lock for some reason (IE sudden need to go defensive).
  20. Short answer: If they do it, it will be behind a server-authoritative option.
  21. So you're saying that we can say 'two weeks' without being facetious? Neat!
  22. Most of the IRIAF loadouts are of questionable veracity, which is why there will be a server authoritative option to disable them if they are ever implemented.
  23. That's only for the super-kitty. AWG-9 birds don't speak AMRAAM.
  24. If memory serves, the plan was to, indeed, have IRAF and IIAF F-14A's and for the Iranian F-14B to only be a theoretical IIAF bird. Of course, the last time I saw this mentioned was a year or two ago, so the plan could of changed.
  25. Unless they are Iraqi MLAs. Then they get CM and SPO-15. Or they are partially through the MLA > MLD conversion. Then you can roll 3d6 to figure out what combination of kit they get.
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