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  1. That would make sense. The 20mm ammo is stored closer to center of gravity, so just dumping the casing overboard won't hurt the weight and balance too much. The .303 is stored in the nose, and there is a lot of it. Losing all of that weight could make the aircraft much more tail-heavy. And as the saying goes: 'A nose-heavy aircraft flies badly, a tail heavy-aircraft flies ONCE.'
  2. More like an example of, as the associated report called it, a couple of 'cowboys'.
  3. They've said it wont be, as it only effects a very narrow selection of threats (pretty much only Strela and Redeye). That and, in the timeframe our bird represents, they'd already been removed or deactivated.
  4. So I removed TrackIR and am trying to go back to keyboard/mouse/joystick view control. The problem is, even with the TrackIR removed, hitting any of the view panning controls causes the view to twitch a little, but otherwise does not pan. I have tried removing the relevant headtracker bindings in game, and I have long ago uninstalled the TrackIR software, but for whatever reason I still cannot get my view panning control back. I do recall it worked PRIOR to installing TrackIR. EDIT: Of course, after posting that, I was able to 'fix' it by using the clear all bindings control in control options and starting from scratch. Guessing there was a binding in there, somewhere, that wasn't obvious.
  5. You might be better off (and more realistic) in not using the trimmer at all in that case. Its entire purpose in life is to reduce loads on the stick so the pilot isn't constantly fighting against reversion forces in forward flight. If your stick is non-centering and holds position on its own, then you already have precisely what the trimmer would be attempting to provide.
  6. That article sounds more like the way the old-school bombsight that the Mi-8 sometimes used works. For the Hind, you get CCIP for some of the weapons, but no CCRP capability.
  7. Alan Parsons is not porn music. Now if you would calmly wait right there, an Inquisitor will be speaking with you shortly.
  8. Clicked 'buy' so hard I damn near broke my finger!
  9. You point the aircraft to aim the gun. Alternatively, you fire the gun to point the aircraft.
  10. Using the SR-71's numbers to make a guess... relative altitude in meters, target speed in mach, and lock-on ranges in km in increasing angles off the nose.
  11. Will the afterburner gate keybind be available for both Tomcats, or only the A's?
  12. Huh. I know the Shturm is SACLOS, but I thought the 9M120 was a radar beam-rider.
  13. Not a camera. Its a periscope mechanically connected to a CW radar emitter.
  14. That whole 'missile API' brick wall that Heatblur is currently bloodying their head against.
  15. Video shows two mounted, with empty mounts for more.
  16. I'll take a SWAG and say that the problem is non-entity targets (buildings, bridges, etc.). Getting Jester to find entities is likely easier as they can cheat a little if absolutely needed.
  17. Much higher velocity as well. I tried looking into this a while ago, and what I found suggests that the Gsh-30-2 has similar ballistics to the A-10's complimentary can-opener.
  18. If we are still getting a Persian Cat, will the A+/B still only be in Imperial colors, and will the A still have an option of using the possibly apocryphal loadouts floating around?
  19. The bolded bits are key here: 10 years. Any other software package that isn't annual shovel-ware (Looking in your general direction, EA) would of been through at least three paid updates in that time frame. Just something to keep in perspective.
  20. More so since it opens up 'Jester is off his meds!' jokes.
  21. Or use the TCS as a bomb-sight ^.^
  22. Just because a piece of equipment went through the USAF, doesn't mean they had USAF tech orders. When I was in, the shops I was in (MetNav/Airfield Systems) had publications from the FAA, NOAA/NWS, Army, and a few other sources. So even if the USAF was dealing with the sale to Iran, they were likely still using the NAVAIR's, just with a stamp on them that added a USAF T.O. number.
  23. To be even more clear, the only difference between the Tomcat's AIM-7's and the normal ED AIM-7's is that the Tomcat's are rotated 45 degrees due to using a different attaching method. In all other regards they are supposed to be identical.
  24. So, with the announcement that the new free map in DCS is going to be a whole lot of island hopping and a whole lot of water, I felt this would be a relevant request to make. Could we please get the ability to tell Jester to switch the MLC filter state?
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