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  1. At first, see the two screenshots. Radeon 9600@Catalyst 5.10: http://simhuq.sytes.net/LOFC/Shadow_Full/Radeon9600_ScreenShot_001.jpg Geforce 7800GTX@ForceWare80.40 http://simhuq.sytes.net/LOFC/Shadow_Full/GeForce7800GTX_ScreenShot_001.jpg On both environments, Options-Graphics-shadow setting is "Full". In the screenshot with Radeon, the shadow of bridge is drawn on deck, but there is no shadow of bridge in the shot with Geforce. This difference only occer in the "Full" shadow setting. Radeon draw shadows correctly, but Geforce cannot draw full shadows. I tried many nVidia cards -
  2. Hello Monnie, There is no way to set affinity of cpu01 using windows-build-in-command. This is why I used procaff. To set affinity of CPU01 using procaff on LOMAC, do the follows: 1. Download procaff from here : http://www.stefan-kuhr.de/procaff/main.php3 2. Extract the procaff.zip into the folder of LOMAC installed. 3. Right click the shortcut of LOMAC and select "property" from context menu. 4. Add the words "procaff /run 2 " before "[the pass of LOMAC installed folder]\LOCKON.EXE" ex. If you install LOMAC in "C:\Program files\Lock On\", change the link of LOMAC's sh
  3. What's the "guns problem"? I have never met any problem in guns. Does this tips help it?
  4. Thank you for your translation to russian, Kaifolom. Please tell the way to be visible the extract files in russian if it is good, because the system files (under C:\WINDOWS\) are normally invisible, and the extension of files are normally invisible, too. I think, some Windows-beginner people don't know the way to visible them. By the way, I think this "AWACS stutter fix" method is effective for "the frame rate decreases because of the processing of the sound effects" in LOMAC version 1.02 or lower.
  5. Willy p. If you have some zip-extract tool (like "WinZip"), extract the downloaded file "OggDS0995.exe" in temporary folder, and pick the above files and copy them into LockOn folder.
  6. To see the files under system folders (ex. C:\WINDOWS\, C:\WINDOWS\system32, etc...), check off the follows: explorer -> Tools -> Option -> Display -> check off "Don't display registerd extension -> chekc off "Don't display protected operation system files" (* I don't have Windows XP English version. My Windows XP is Japanese version. So I don't know correct words or sentences in english. Tell me what the correct word is)
  7. I wish to see the LockOn moves smoothly in full detail. See this movie: http://area88.sytes.net/~huq/movie/QBench4_FX-55_X850XTPE(Cat5.6)_High_HeatBlr-On_VisibRng-High_Watar-VeryHigh_Effects-High.avi (trk:http://home.att.ne.jp/alpha/huq/LOFC/Track/QBench4.ZIP) This movie is taken on my another client PC (most of all parts except CPU (the CPU of this one is FX-55) is same as the client PC above the Athlon64 X2 4800+ PC.) The full-detailed lockon is very heavy. It needs more powerful CPU. But if lockon keeps single thread application, my dream will not be realized, because the clock o
  8. On FC1.1, when friendly AWACS begin to speek information, the drawings of frame stops while a few hundred milli-sec - 1 sec. (I know this occurs on multiplay. I don't know this occurs on on single play.) I found the way to solve this problem. 1. Get ogg vorbis package version from here http://tobias.everwicked.com/oggds.htm 2. Execute OggDS0995.exe and install ogg package 3. Open C:\WINDOWS\system32\ using explorer and find these files ogg.dll OggDS.dll vorbis.dll vorbisenc.dll 4. Copy these files to LockOn installed folder (ove
  9. Yeah, but I think this is only temporary solution. I wish LockOn will use more than one asynchronous threads, because the clock speed of CPU will not improves dramatically in the future.
  10. I am tired of making lockon.exe to use only one CPU after starting FC1.1. Now I got one temporary solution until this problem is solved by lockon.exe. Use "ProcAff" in the shortcut of FC1.1. http://www.stefan-kuhr.de/procaff/main.php3 This software make the application to start using the designated CPU. For example, procaff /run 1 "C:\Games\LockOn\lockon.exe" This sentence make the lockon.exe to start using CPU0. The procaff.exe must be placed some folder that is set "PATH", such as "C:\WINDOWS\". And set the above sentense into the link place in the shortcut of LockOn.
  11. In FC1.1, the selection dialog - "INTERNET" / "LAN" - was abolished. I can connect to my local host over LAN and all players can join to my host over Internet.
  12. I forgot to write the software environment. OS:Windows XP SP1, all Microsoft patches are applied. DirectX:9.0c Video Driver:CATALYST 5.6 Windows XP Sound Driver: 1.84.55 (12 May 05) / EAX 4.0 Advanced HD Driver (19 Nov 03) Game:LockOn: Flaming Cliffs english-web sale version, the follows patches are applied. 1. Ground Units LODs Fix (GU_LODs) (For english WEB installed LO 1.1 addon and english CD installed LO 1.1 addon) 2. CLIENT NETWORK GAME STUTTERING FIX (For english WEB installed LO 1.1 addon) 3. Uninstaller with SaveKeys (For english WEB installed LO 1.1 addon)
  13. Hello, I got Athlon64 X2 4800+ and I meet with the violent stutter in multiplay. See the AVI movie that I captured. http://area88.sytes.net/~huq/movie/DualCoreStutter.avi This movie is taken by client PC. The client PC and server PC is connected by 1.0 Gbps, home-LAN. I'm very sad. The Client PC environment is, CPU:AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ M/B:ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Video:SAPPHIRE X850XT Platinum Edition (PCI-Ex/256MB) Sound:Creative SoundBluster Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro Memory:Kingston PC3200 CL3 Non-ECC 1GBx2 HDD:WDC WD740GD-00FLA0 x2 (nVidia RAID0) Power:ThermalTake W0049
  14. Thanks! I got your e-mail, and I could see my regist number on download page.
  15. Thanks a lot EagleDyn. In addition, my transaction ID is 7MB82746ES677920K. Best regards.
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