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  1. I have this question for long too. I set to 18 for my carrier ops. Going to try 30 as mentioned above.
  2. Indeed, this should go to Bugs and Problems section.
  3. Thank you for this! i wasn´t aware about this script. Great add for my missions. Best regards, F.
  4. Me too, I live in Almada and saw them many times above my house in par with A-7´s or our Fiat G91 when i was a child. Who guess some decades later i´ll be flying one in VR
  5. Yes it doesn´t show up if you only have 1 waypoint. I use 2 waypoints, then racetrack option from WP1 to WP2. Regards.
  6. You should put AWACS in a Race-Track instead of Orbit because the high wing when turning reduces/cuts the radome radar scan.
  7. I don´t have really poor fps with the Viper but i have less fps with the Viper (on the ground) than with the Hornet for sure. The odd is, i get stutters when inside hangars at Incirlik AFB in Syiria map. Although is not a big issue for me because i get good performance but it´s noticeable. I´m getting great performance with the Hornet. I7 4790K 4.4ghz, 32 Ram, GTX 1080ti, SSD´s, and Valve Index at 120hz refresh rate. SteamVR IPD 1.0 (default) and DCS PD at 1.5
  8. Note if you want to use static aircraft to block parking slots: some patches ago i used Static F-18A for blocking parking slots but now you need to use the static F-18C because the A version doesn´t have collision box now and they don´t block anything no more.
  9. Must have liveries! outstanding details. Thank you. F.
  10. Eager to see more liveries from you... the best by far. Thank you for your work and keep up please.
  11. +1! Did ask the same some posts ago. it´s one of the main things that cut imersion to me is lack of bouncing after landing on the deck. The landing animation is too artificial.
  12. Wish the Meatball was like the PDL lights of the KC-135. Less dim (although people complain of the low dim of the PDL). In VR, as stated, it´s blurry.
  13. Olá Trindade, Tens pinturas da FAP? se quiseres tenho umas que posso partilhar, não são 4k e não têm assim tantos detalhes como algumas pinturas que tenho mas são da nossa FAP. Um abraço, Fagulha.
  14. Does anyone have missing CBU-105´s in loadout page with current version of the mod? (1.91.1) My CBU´s are missing with the mod. Regards, F.
  15. Thank you very much. If needed i only restore the most used ones due lack of free time (work is kiliing me). Once again, thank you. Regards, F.
  16. I have about 44 GB in Viper liveries and this for sure will give me headache. I really don´t understand. Must be a valid reason, i hope.
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