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  1. I set Throttling fxed to 120 fps and Refresh rate of my Index to 120hz. If i set lower Throttling fixed to 60 fps and Refresh Rate to 90hz DCS gets with some stutters. To me works smotther with this config.
  2. Thank you for your insight. I was just replying to this "I'm curious what combo of DCS in Game PD to SteamVR render resolution the VR pilots are using?".
  3. Valve Index user here, I use DCS PD at 1.5 and SteamVR SS at 1.0 (default). Tried SteamVR SS at 1.5/2.0 and DCS PD at 1.0, but, DCS PD has more quality than SteamVR SS thus more performance impact (and visually is noticeable the difference in both options). So, to me works better at DCS PD 1.5 and SteamVR 1.0.
  4. I have the Index and i run DCS at 120hz, if i lower to 90hz DCS gets sloppy. DCS will not run at 120hz of course but increasing the refresh rate it runs smoother. So, i think we get advantage of Index refresh rate (depends of course the system running Index).
  5. I think he is referring to the banner.
  6. Thank you for this! remarkable work Keep up. Best regards, F.
  7. Hi, Not first time asking for this, neither the last, can ED please add option to stow/unstow the boarding ladder please? I fly in VR and it´s great imersion to me walk around the airframe before going to the cockpit and have the ladder down. It´s possible because i use a mod to bind a key for the boarding ladder, use it for months but now it wont work anymore and needs update. So, it´s already in core files. But i think ED could add this little detail too. PLEASE! Thank you. EDIT: i use the Blue Angels Equipment mod just for
  8. Can you share, please, the texture file for desert flight suit? so i can add to my lliveres please. I fly in VR with the the pilot body and i wish to have desert flight suit too. Thank you. F.
  9. Agreed. Aircraft just seem glued to the deck. Hope that can be possible to improve by ED. I fly in VR and it´s a deal breaker. At least for me, i know that probably for others makes no difference.
  10. My favourite aircraft in my childhood, Still love the plane eager to see on DCS to use in my missions.
  11. Merlin updated - check the thread

    1. fagulha


      Thank you!

  12. Thank you for what you done so far. I´m still using it in my missions because it have the liverie of my country (Portugal) and it´s a great asset to my airbases. At least until an DCS update break it Best regards and keep up, we´ll be waiting for news from you soon F.
  13. I overcome the DCS limitations with scripts, workarounds, and some limitations don´t have a workaround and yes they are annoying, nevertheless i never get tired of building/flying my missions and placing the statics in place. Well, i´m not so excited with the dynamic campaign because i use a lot of mods and i love my missions populated with objects (wheel chocks, ladders, oxygen bottles, hangars, ammunition trucks, and so on) and i don´t know if it will support mods or not. But lets see (of course its very welcome the dynamic campaign for me). EDIT: i was pilot for 2 years in
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