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  1. It would be really cool if, during the briefing there were METAR/TAFs available to compliment the dynamic weather, just for immersion's sake.
  2. Fly the mission, as fragged, then if you have leftover weapons, call a JTAC and lend a hand to the war effort
  3. I have owned many different pieces of gaming hardware over the last 20 years and the warthog replaced my TM cougar. I liked the cougar for its hotas functions but the joystick became sloppy over time due to the weakening springs problem. This resulted in sloppy inputs which made flying - particularly the black shark - more difficult. The TM warthog so far has been the best stick i've ever owned. The digital precision is perfect especially for black shark, I have gotten far better control than I have ever had before. If you need a really good precise stick then this is a great solution, p
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