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  1. anyone with some advice with setting up for a x65f stick?
  2. i have some saitek pro flight rudder pedals for sale only used a couple of times, box and everything that comes with new ones, but they are out of warranty $50 AUD +pp pick up ok.
  3. i read somewhere that the sandy bridge cpus are faster than the older i7s for single threaded applications so if black shark and a-10 only use 1-2 cores and are cpu limited makes sense that youd get a performance boost at the same clock even without involving any other factors.
  4. i just was reading up on xp and its issue with multicore cpu power management, and disabled my speedstep and c1 halt state management options in the bios and i am now getting an performance increase in parallel with the vista set affinity trick! at least it is now much smoother and doesnt drop as many frames. try it and get back to me. Matcat
  5. yes i tried and it would only detect one controller at a time, as well as having various other errors
  6. there are no drivers for the wheel on the ms site, do you run vista?
  7. i tried installing the drivers from the disk but vista wont let me, they are for 98 i think and apparently they work in xp but not vista. yes so its plug and play only so far
  8. left pedal moves a graph called 'z rotation', right pedal moves a cross up and down in a 'x axis, y axis' box. there is no option to make the pedals one axis. i am running vista
  9. hi i have tried to get my microsoft sidewinder wheel pedals to work in black shark but cannot get them working. basically black shark wants one axis and the pedals i have are 2 axis. can anyone help? thanks in advance Matcat
  10. hi i was just wondering if black shark supported sli? thanks
  11. i just installed vista and installed flaming cliffs and its asking me for admin privileges when i try to run it, can someone tell me how to do this? thanks
  12. i am having a problem loading missions in lockon, after i have loaded one or two missions lockon will freeze when loading a mission, i have to ctrl alt delete and it says lockon is not responding then i have to end program to get back to windows, sometimes i cant get to the task manager at all and i have to shut down my pc using the power switch! can anyone help? thanks
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