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  1. 7,62x39 is usually not what is meant when reffered to 7,62mm 7,62x51 is the Standard and that round has basically the double muzzle energy. 7.62mm, Armor Piercing, M993 has a armour penetration of 7mm against high hardness armor (HHA) It would be possible to penetrate most parts of a BRDM with such ammunition.
  2. You're all just a step away from treatment for Holo Addiction...http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Holo-addiction. I'm immune, I have only one good eye and so the sensation of 3D can't be faked for me since I dont know it in RL neither.
  3. Ich habe DCS aufgegeben. Das hier ist einfach eine Baustelle die nie richtig fertig werden wird.
  4. Right. it started with a Flanker an d it still the same Flanker like in Flanker 2.0. Nothing wrong with it so far. Considering the small maps in DCS:W we will have the MiG-29S & R-77 as a counter measure against the F-15 & AIM-120 combo. Range was never an Issie with the MiG-29 when you applied a lite bit of fuel discipline. It can take off and climb very well without AB. Since it recived TWS and the ability to attack two targets at once it got much better. Once the PFM fpr the MiG-29 is out it will be much better I guess.
  5. ...also, successive hard manouvers can lead to the missaligning of the HSI. Also a feature, not a bug.
  6. Unless DCS suddently went to become a 64 Bit Application, how is it consume more than 4 GB of RAM? If it does, that sounds more like a veritable memory leak or swap file occlusion. If an application consumes more then 4GB of Memory it better uses 64bit to circumvent the inevitable 32bit 4GB memory adress limit. I have the feeling ED is trying to sell us a compact family car fitted with a Truck engine as a purpose tailored sports coupe.
  7. Jane's F-15 and Jane's F/A-18 always had some jetliners in the missions, especially at campaign start when RoE was tight. Also the DID series startignn with TFX ovwer EF-2000 to F-22 ADF always featured civilian traffic. I usually use the IL-76 and Yak-40 for that purpose.
  8. I basically said the current MP arms race in modules and hardware does not bring any benefit to me and im very content with single player on a 2D screen. In MP there is often a lack of padlock view that I like, in favor of VR or TIR solutions which I dont like and I also like exterior view but no labels etc. I just noticed in the last year, if you stop MP you suddently don't need to have to newest stuff... goes well for ArmA III and DCS as well.
  9. The 3rd dimension is gone RL and VR with just ONE good EYE. There are a lot of eyesight problems that make proper use of binocular glasses VR quite uncomfortable or even im possible. I, for example, suffer from scars on the corneal. While I can deal with it quite good in RL it makes VR uncomfortable. I have to look asquint and blink the ye to get a 3D perception. A simple TFT screen is pure relaxation for me.
  10. ... you will appreciate 2D once your vision goes whacky around your late 40's. Im physically unable to use 3D since I lost an acceptable eyesight on the right eye. What helped was a bigger screen. it was also helpfull to skip online play to stop the current quite unhealthy hardware "arms race" that is going on in the community.
  11. the F-104 because it was widespread in cold war europe well into the 80's... just like the MiG-21.
  12. I never buy new components BEFORE THE OLD ONES CEASE TO FUNCTION.
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