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  1. Hi, In the Dcs F18 module, is it possible to change the default settings of the Mfd's depending on whether you are in Nav/Ag/Aa? Why do I want to do this? I 'm using Helios, with a 7-inch touchscreen, right now, I have it set to look the right MFD... But that I can see easily in the view of the cabin. The one I have the most trouble seeing, is the central one that is out of the normal view... The idea would be that that MFD, was the one you see on the touch screen with Helios, and with which I can interact easily, with the tactile screen That's why I wanted to change what you see by default in MFDs, depending on the mode... Since I'm interested in seeing the radars on the touchscreen, in Ag/Aa modes and the Hsi in Nav mode. Having to change it every time you change mode is little fun and involves a time that in a combat situation you don't have Thanks
  2. thanks to the information given by @Lange_666 With the information that @Lange_666 has given me, I am making some posters to know what the real name of the button is and what it is called in TARGET ... At the moment I only have the one for the F18 Joystick, when I will post the Throttle Warthog. If you see any error, or improvement, tell me and I will correct it
  3. Hi, Someone could tell me what they are "called", or where I can find them (in the manual I have not seen them), the buttons of the Thrusmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick (f18) and Throtte. To be able to use them with TARGET SCRIPT EDITOR Thanks
  4. S O L V E D!!! After much Google searching answers, I see one that has work. The issue: Msi motherboard, with x570 chipshet and Rtx graphic cards, can have issues with usb devices... The solutión, that works, for the moment, buy a pci-e usb 3.0 card, and connect Thrusmaster Joystick and throttle to them.. And now all works as spected Thanks, to all, for tips
  5. True, mistake of tranlation F14 Rio. RIO in spanish its transladated as RIVER
  6. Hi, I had always referred to this aircraft as F14 Tomcat... but for some time I see that Youtubers (above all), refer to it as F14 "Rio" or F14 "Tomcat River". Could someone explain to me what is the correct way to name it? And how do airplane nicknames arise? The manufacturer, Country Air Force, nato In the original post has post F14 River, direct translation of F14 Rio, spanish to English
  7. Hi, This doubt isn't unique to the F18, but I didn't know where to put it. If administrators think they should move it. The doubt is about the calculation of the instantaneous speed of the plane, as I read (sponsors by "San Google"). The speed in modern aircraft is calculated by biting the speed of air passing through a duct longitudinally on the plane. That's why traveling the same distance as in horizontals, the speed of when you fly at low altitude is considerably higher than when you fly at high altitude. Since the air at low altitude is more than it is, and with the speed measurement system, the system "reads" that more air passes and that the plane goes faster This raises some doubts for me: - The direction in which the wind blows, affects the speed that "reads" the plane? - The density of the air (whether there is a storm or an anticyclon), affects the speed that "reads" the plane? Perhaps this system in the 2 GM, or in the '70s, was the only way to know the speed. But at present, there would be no other more reliable ways, GPS for example, to measure speed? (and leave the system traditionally as "backup. It would not be more useful to know these two speeds: (proposed names) - Actual speed, distance traveled AT SEA LEVEL/TIME - Speed compensated (by the earth's curvature), the speed in height... If a plane that flies at 30000 feet, and travels 10 miles, it will be really traveling less than 10 miles of terrain, by the effect of the earth's curvature and vice versa. An aircraft flying at 30000 feet and traversing 10 miles of terrain (at elevation 0), at 30000 feet will have to have traveled more distance (I don't know, maybe 12 miles), that would result in a speed compensated (by height) higher A morning rambling.. What do you think
  8. I need one, or some of this books: - "Special chapter for Aar" - "Aar for dumies" - "Like Aar before you run out of fuel" - "Is there life in Dcs without knowing how Aar?"
  9. Creo que por el momento me decanto por el track ir... Me resulta interésate la sensación de inmersión, pero las dificultades que, sobre todo en el control de cabina, me hechan para atrás... Además lo de las gafas no ayuda... Quizás en la próximas generación de Vr, me anime, de momento no.. Siendo una inversión alta, seguramente antes las pruebe, me parecido ver el otro día que había una empresa que que las alquilaba por días...
  10. Hi, Months after but i am in the same... Windows game devices detects ok... But whe launch Target... Comes the problems... I see the joystick in device analizer, but axis and button not respond...some times only see throttle connected... Good hardware but very bad software
  11. Por fin razones que me gustan a mi y a mi cuenta corriente.....
  12. I a m new with Helios, and I've managed to make my first instrument panel for and place them on a small secondary touch screen.... The next thing is that I wish that know how to do is like getting the show several instrument, for example 2 mfds with 1 single screen. I guess it will be using the layers.... And hiding lad or showing him. Perpendicular as? Where can I find information
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