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  1. OK Got it. Thanks. I'll try this tomorrow.
  2. @dukovac Thanks for the input but my saved games folder structure is not like that. I have no \Sounds\Effects\Aircrafts\Cockpits folders. Are you using the latest open beta?
  3. Some time ago I replaced the .ogg file that played static hiss when the squelch switch was toggled with an audio file with real world comms (for background effect). The file was called static.ogg. Now I come to do it again, I cant find static.ogg when searching the game files. Has this feature been changed? Is it possible to change this file in the current build?
  4. HMCS in VR Yes. It simulates the helmet mounted targeting system (HMCS) found in the F/A-18. The control is the rotary found to the right of the right MFD. This brings up a targeting HUD that moves with your head, allowing targeting of missiles outside the view of the HUD. The left/right/both confines this image to one or other or both eyes. I believe that the projector in real life only works in the right eye, so that's how I have it set.
  5. OK, I have had a chance to look at this in more detail. Its not a zoom. The view of objects outside the cockpit does not change, so you'll need your traditional 1 step VR zoom to spot targets and aircraft. It does move your head position inside the cockpit, so you can get close in to see the MFDs and back to work radios and lighting etc. The range moves eyes from the front to the rear of the canopy in about 6 steps. I have a Logitech M570 Trackman Wireless Trackball Mouse, but I assume all mouse with clickable wheels (between left and right buttons) will work. To activate, double click the mouse wheel. the point/click cursor disappears and the mouse wheel moves head position. to deactivate double click the mouse wheel again. It may not be the much needed controllable VR zoom, but it does help working within the cockpit. I think my build as far as this goes is standard, so this should work without any modifications. Let me know if yours doesn't and I'll see if have have made any mods that might affect this.
  6. Yes, Its possible to move right into the MFDs and right back so your head is behind the seat. I have detents on my mouse wheel so I don't know whether its smooth or steps, but it does the job. Having said that, I was so blown away by being able to zoom around the cockpit, that I didn't look outside. I'm not sure whether its possible to zoom in on external objects like targets. I'll check and post tomorrow. It may be a change of viewpoint within the cockpit, but its really useful nonetheless.
  7. I discovered a VR zoom feature last night by accident. If you have a clickable mouse wheel, double click the wheel to enable a zoom (on the mouse wheel) in VR. This makes getting in close to see the MFDs or getting out to reach the controls at the back of the cockpit a breeze. In this mode normal mouse control for point and click is disabled. Press the mouse wheel again to return to point and click. I don't know if this is a documented feature, but I have been flying DCS in VR for years and this is a game changer. Seems to work on all modules. How long has it been implemented?
  8. It's clear from the lack of response that this is not a 'known' issue. So I'm looking from another angle. In MP I have been running an Autostart sequence. In my SP test I am in Airstart. So perhaps there is a switch/config setting that I'm missing. Is there any cockpit switch (apart from Master Arm, A/G mode and long press on the MAV button in the stores page to bring up the TV screen) that I'm not setting?
  9. I can't slew the MAV-F in multiplayer. The cage/uncage is a bit erratic too. I made a SP mission to test and everything works just as it should. I don't think there's anything I need to add,but just in case.. I'm using a Warthog HOTAS I have the deltasim slew control mod I know about making the MAV SOI I have realistic slew unchecked. I've tried it on Growling Sidewinder and TNN Hoggitt Sorry if this is a known issue, but I cant find this specific one in the current threads. Thanks
  10. The seat is from a Ford Focus. I got it from the local breakers. It works fine. Good fixing points and range of adjustment.
  11. I have been experimenting with a VR cockpit that has tactile controls in the right position. Using Rexroth aluminium framing I can adjust the position of the controls in 3 dimensions so they are in exactly the same position that the VR image says they should be. Positioning of the HOTAS and the gear switch was fairly straightforward. Last week I installed two DDIs. This was the biggest test as the image and reality had to be correct within about a centimetre. It works. I can reach out and touch any of the DDI buttons and they are pretty much exactly where my hand/eye coordination says they should be. I found that the rig must be adjustable for this approach to work. The final position of the DDIs is not where I estimated them to be. For some reason they are slightly asymmetric, even though my VR image is carefully centred. Additionally I have put tactile bumps on my keyboard using Sugru. These emphasise the important keys (F1, F5, F10, alt, @ etc.) and allow me to access out-of-sim controls without breaking immersion.
  12. I need a third TM cougar panel for the F/A-18 AMPCD. Before I buy a pair and waste one, does any UK forum member want to go halves? PC World are doing a reasonable deal at £69.99 with free delivery. Alternatively, has anyone already bought a second pair and is wondering what to do with the redundant fourth panel? PM me and we can work out the logistics. Cheers
  13. I did check that. Radar was in default mode and was doing the six step elevation. I will try again and ensure elevation is working. I'll set up a mission with targets at different altitudes and see how that works.
  14. I have been trying to get my head around the F/A-18 radar. On multiplayer, I had a boresight visual on a KC-130 with an F/A 18 in tow at about 5 miles, but could not get a return from them on the radar in scan mode. I guess there are 3 possible reasons: 1) They were running some sort of countermeasures (if so how is this set in the mission editor?) 2) I wasn't operating the radar correctly. 3) The simulation is not working correctly. Which is it? Thanks
  15. Thanks Emmy, I have PM'd Snoopy offering assistance
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