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  1. Thank you all for the replies!! I will take some time and go through all of what was suggested. Regarding TrackIR, yes I do use head tracking, I did forget to mention that. I played for about a month without it, and now that I have it, have no clue how I ever did play without head tracking. Thank you again. PS: That compass idea is great
  2. Hi guys and gals. So been on DCS for roughly 2 months now and struggling a little bit to learn/remember things. Was hoping some people could give me some good insights, videos, guides ect, and maybe some tips/tricks to help me out. I have watched tons of videos, and read chucks guides multiple times, but still can't seem to get the grip of things, and I am not sure totally what I am missing. I have currently learnt the F18, I feel confident in AG, but AA, horrible. Unless it's a un-armed fighter, or a friendly flying directly at me, chances are I am getting shot down. I really need help with Missions, knowing my objective, where it is, just navigation as a whole really, no matter how many times I watch a video, or read a guide, I can never seem to get it right when in a mission, and just get lost up when I am in the air Can people throw things at me to click my brain into gear. PS: I am determined to learn, and be good. I love planes, jets perticular, and I refuse to give up even though it frustrates me a lot. Thanks for any replies, muchly appreciated in advance for the time
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