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  1. I voted for "other". I want multicrew planes and helos flyable in multiplayer.
  2. FC3 es el módulo para DCS World más la cabina del F15 y alguna cosilla más. Es prácticamente lo mismo que FC2 salvo en eso, por esa razón creo que deberían incluir una opción de actualizar del FC2 al FC3 por un precio más bajo, al igual que hicieron con el Black Shark 1 y Black Shark 2. Obviamente ellos intentarán venderlo pintándolo todo como si fuera nuevo, pero la realidad es que se trata de poco más que una mejora del FC3. No hay más que leer las características, es un parche de 40 mortadelos. Si MS cobrara por las actualizaciones de Windows, aunque a lo largo de un año saca cientos, se
  3. Those features are common in patches or add ons, $40 is the price for a full sim, not for an upgrade from FC2. It's the same price than Ka50 when it was released. I think ED should add some kind of upgrade, like Black Shark 2. There is not many changes since FC2 to be worth spend $40. At least, not for me. If you are happy with it, nothing to say.
  4. Puedes opinar sobre lo que quieras, precisamente eso es lo que vengo a decir. Mi respuesta a tu comentario es porque me molesta bastante cuando la gente dice "pues si no te gusta no lo compres" en un foro, puesto que se supone que los foros son lugares de debate, y en un foro oficial además sirve para que los desarrolladores conozcan la opinión de los usuarios acerca de un nuev producto, decisión, etc. "Feedback", que llaman. Si la otra persona hace un comentario poco educado, pues le recriminas ese comentario o avisas a un moderador, pero decir "no lo compres que no te obligan" no creo que se
  5. Sorry for bumping this, but, do you know if there is any project for multicrew combat planes or choppers?.
  6. ¿Y hay alguna razón que impida opinar sobre un nuevo producto de ED?. O dicho de otro modo, ¿se puede criticar en este foro algo de ED o todos tenemos que aplaudir aunque digan que 2+2 son 5?. Vamos a ver, están vendiendo una nueva cabina e integración en DCS por 40 machacantes. Eso está bien si cuentas al FC3 como un producto entero para el que no tenga el FC2, pero que no haya ninguna opción de actualización para los que ya lo tienen es una sobrada. Naturalmente nadie obliga a comprarlo, para eso, si lo venden a 1000€ tampoco se podrá criticar, no pondrían una pistola a nadie para compr
  7. Let's see... I have Flanker series, Lock On, FC1, FC2 and all the DCS series, included Combined Arms prepurchase. So, ED is going to release a new F15 cockpit for $40 and DCS integration?. I can't understand. Don't you think that is too much for an addon?. I would buy it for sure with more features, for example, new flight model, new cockpits for all planes, new planes... but for this?. Come on, ED, that's not fair. Strange moves from ED. Probably I'm too stupid for understand it. Regards.
  8. Yes, of course it's a choice, but this is a forum and we opine about the news, planes, sim and such ot things. Do you think that P51 from DCS is great?. No problem, good for you. I think that is not a good move for the reasons I have said before. I think DCS could use those resources in another modern plane because P51 is out of place. And remember that DCS makes combat sims and P51 is a combat plane. So, as combat plane, P51 has not scenery or enemy fighters, and very powerful AA and modern defence systems. As civil plane, there is not global scenery, real airports, ATC's and all the thi
  9. I'm sure than the Mustang made by DCS will be very detailed, but P51 Mustang is a combat plane and need a war scenery, with enemyes for fighting. If I want to fly a Mustang without enemys, I have MS FS or X-Plane, where you can buy very detailed Mustang and fly. Only fly. And I have the whole world for flying my Mustang in those sims. I could fly a Mustang with human ATC's using IVAO network. Real procedures, real airports. P51D from FLight1 for MS FX, by example. Or this one http://flightsim.com/main/review/leaderii.htm . DCS are the only guys making sims about modern planes with a extrem
  10. Flying? where?. This is not X-Plane of Flight Simulator, it's a combat simulator. It's a strange commercial movement, at least for me.
  11. I don't know why P51... What scenery?, what enemy planes? su25 vs Mustang?.
  12. I'd really like Su-34 multicrew in multiplayer, or Tu-160.
  13. I would like to see this plane http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/su34/ flyable in Lock On some day, with multicrew in multiplayer. Imagine, like Longbow 2, pilot and copilot working together in the same plane. I'm sure that ED is not interested (probably very expensive for developing), but it's only a dream. or the Ka-52... I would sell my grandmother for it :D Regards
  14. When I try co change pilot, I can't do it in Campaign, in pilot name appears Pilot1, but it does not allow me to change.
  15. Ill test it, thanks guys. But my pilot book did not register neither the pilot death.
  16. Hi When I play the campaign or MP missions, pilot log book does not register any data, is there something I can do? Regards
  17. So, the users like me who bought the download still has the activation :( Great
  18. I had this problem. Installed FC, restart and executed. Everything is ok, but, since then, my computer crashes in the same way (executing or not FC). Removed FC (backup the registry, of course), removed the Starforce and now my computer does not crash.
  19. There is not effective copy protection, every game has it's own crak or craking method. Starforce only affects legal users, not pirates, it's a system very agressive with your system, affects the Windows kernel, uses own ide drivers, stress the DVD or CD reader... It's not the best way to protect the software. Regards
  20. **** Deleted by Moderator **** Watch your language Slamelov! Ok, sorry. I mean that Battlefront allow the developers create their work without pressures.
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