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  1. Hello everyone. It's very unpleasant to use trackir on K4. Great, will ed try to fix it?. I don't compare but for the amount we pay for a plane in DC we get the whole game in others, we like dc but they are not up to the quality of this dcs.
  2. I'm not very good at computer:(age is 50 I'm in love with flying i have no idea how to do it.I fly sow How can I reach the task designer?I also have dora, I think my flight k4 with him ended my vacation.:((
  3. yes unfortunately it didn't.mw50 both buttons are on. governor ok. I dont understand.
  4. Thank you very much.I think it was.mw50 indicator not working but I feel power :))))Is it normal for my plane to vibrate a lot?Once I have found you, let me ask one more question.:)I can't assign machine guns and cannons to the same button.can i do one button for both.thank you very much again.I was going crazy since morning:))
  5. even though i move the throttle a little engine power increases too much.i think i didn't do anything missing for mw50 but there is no problem in free flight doesn't work in multiplayer
  6. procedure is complete.I watched many videos on youtube.but i couldn't manage.mw 50 Are there any scenarios where it's not used?i have this problem when the rpm is not that high in the engine.can it be a bug? Do you have a video or explanation you can recommend?I could not find
  7. hello everyone.I'm having trouble with MW50.everything is normal in free flight.multiplayer doesn't work. the throttle very little engine speed suddenly increases a lot.Am I doing something wrong or missing somewhere?
  8. Hello to everyone.just bought on discount,I have a few questions.Can't I use machine guns and cannons together?should i set my separate buttons?this question is for dora and k4.mw 50 Will it always be open.It will turn on automatically when you turn on the gas.or should i open it when i need it.
  9. hello everyone.I've been flying in DCS for about 1 month..I have dora.I bought K 4 on sale.but the trackir cockpit images are disastrous.I can't see my back and surroundings very well.i have never had a problem with dora.how can i deal with this problem.
  10. after buying a doraya fuel tank What should I do to activate.
  11. I think it is very difficult to write a comment.
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