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  1. Will the new clouds be available before 2.7 or do we have to wait for the said ? Mizzy
  2. Yeah, what's the point of doing videos if they have no intention of releasing it to the community ..shame because the Bucc is one of my all time favorites
  3. Not likely I'm afraid. I asked the question to Nick Grey and the response was basically not on the cards, none of the Century Fighters are
  4. Where is all this information coming from, this is brilliant news !!
  5. Mizzy

    DCS VR

    I can't find the forum for this as it's obscure. With the Oculus Quest 2 at a very affordable price (just make a new fake facebook account, they don't know any better) DCS has taken on the future of how this simulation will be played. Can I suggest it has a prominent forum title called 'DCS VR' ! I have just made the leap into VR and ..my jaw is still dropped in playing DCS. The cockpits are absolutely stunning all of them, if I had know how beautiful they are, I would have paid twice the price for DCS products. If you have not experienced DCS in VR, prepare for a level of excelle
  6. VSN_F104G\Liveries\VSN_F104G\...drop it here ! Don't drop it in any of the individual skin folders, that's where you went wrong. In fact just take the folder common textures out of the FG914 skin and drop it there as if it's a skin called common textures !
  7. No, you put the 'Common Textures' in the unit livery folder and not in the individual skin folder. For example mine is C:\Users\Christina\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\Aircraft\VSN_F104G\Liveries\VSN_F104G\ ....Drop the Common Texture file folder here and you're good to go. Mizzy
  8. This is the variant I want, all things Vietnam !!
  9. Where did you get this from ? I can't believe it if it's true !!!!!
  10. You're on fire Jocko, these skins are absolutely fantastic, it's really brought the model to life. Very well done and thank you !
  11. I would love to know who did the 3D model, anyone know ? Mizzy
  12. Now my dream has come true, thank you ever so much jocko, this is indeed for all the 'Trekkie' fans. Well done
  13. Oh btw, I found this 'skin job' for the J17 Thunder see attached. It happens to be the markings of a F-104 that featured in an episode of 'Star Trek' the original series called 'Tomorrow is yesterday'. The beginning features the F-104 and one is sent to intercept the 'Enterprise' as it's travelled back in time, as it does now and again. The F-104 featured has the markings: FG 914 Construction Number: 383-1202 built circa 1957 The footage used in 'Star Trek' was probably taken on it's maiden flight. It's one of the most famous F-104s but I h
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