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  1. Especially when they haven't got a clue what goes on behind the scenes, just come here and speculate what the issues are. It's delayed because it's delayed. Mizzy
  2. Precisely, it's YOUR story and if you are not an employee of the said Company's, it is pure speculation as to how they go about their business. If you don't like EA products, fine but don't tell everybody else they should avoid them, not your place to do so. In short, don't tell me or other people what they should or shouldn't do on this forum, that is the job of the moderators. Good day A very aggrieved Mizzy ! Btw I have edited out the part I should not have said.
  3. Who asked you to 'teach' anyone? It's not your place to impose your opinions on anyone about Early Access. Keep your opinions to yourself, people will either heed your opinion or they won't but leave the 'teaching' bit out and stop spreading misinformation. You are entitled to your opinion and speculation and that's all, just remember this ! Mizzy Correct
  4. And who is he ? Is it YoYo ? And are they exactly the same fidelity as DCS? Lastly, why do you hate Electronic Arts so much, I like their games... well some of them Mizzy
  5. Oh sorry dear guru, my mistake and I humble before your masterful knowledge. So they are using exactly the same level of detail in both sims eh ? Mizzy
  6. My post has been edited to reflect forum rules. Mizzy
  7. Hi there, I take it you have not been using DCS for long. The two main differences between *** etc and DCS is the former is a survey combat game able to bang out more aircraft to play with and the latter is a study professional grade simulator and also (unfortunately) professional price tags for their modules except FC3. But even the aircraft in FC3 have professional flight models unlike ***. So in short, you cannot compare the two products and their pricing policy because they are vastly different and in no way can they be seen as 'rivals'. Mizzy
  8. Working hard as usual, keep it going !
  9. WOW, fantastic, how much will it cost ?
  10. Resolution is in the eye of the beholder It's not good enough for me personally.
  11. Where ? I don't know where patch status is ! do you have a link ?
  12. Yep, I know that the hardware isn't capable of rendering pixel density 2 DCS is not optimised for high resolution in VR yet. It's all for the future hardware what I am after and that is no time soon. Coming soon mate Is that subject to change ?
  13. For me VR isn't ready yet for DCS, I like high resolution so maybe in a few years lets hope. Btw, it's getting to the end of the first quarter, still on track for 2.7 ?
  14. You get what you pay for, $80 (£58) is a small price for this gem !!
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