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  1. I have problem with Mossie. I can orientate with it and first few day a play Mossie as Game/Arcade. But when i fly (free mission or airfield strike - i was little in depress i bought a channel mape too, but i can´t play it, because i haven´t WW2 assests pack...so i must wait for sale.) but in to one minute i fall into stall and game over. I pull it a full throttle, but aircraft don´t climb and crashed in to surface :( I don´t undrestand where is bomb trigger. Not bomb fusing, but where i can set a release of bombs ? The game don´t detect and automatic set joystick buttons ? (I have A M5 Cobra). Machine guns and triggers i set, but setting for bomb release i can´t found ? Where i set a arcade fly model ? i know it is a HC sim, but when is here a arcade mod, a aircraft probably don´t crashed in one minut to surface...
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