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  1. Ya I've tried this one several times using GMT to select a target and then just rippling off everything in AUTO mode....never hit anything. Good luck landing back at the carrier....
  2. I used open tracker with a couple different apps. I finally discoverd tracknoir which only used my webcam. it was pretty good but for looking behind it was a little wonky. I finally just bit the bullet and went VR....
  3. The download links seem broken. I've loved the SP version of the mod but am just stretching my legs into doing multiplayer so I need to get those... however the links seem to be broken
  4. Hello all... Been a long time flight simmer (F-16 Combat Pilot and the original Falcon popped my cherry one glorious summer in high school all the way to the recent MS Offering) but a friend of mine got me looking into DCS a few months ago. Got to say I love it. I worked F-16s, B-52 and F111 in the USAF and now fly the Airbus after three years on the CRJ. I've enjoyed learning the Hornet and have resisted the Falcon until I feel I'm not embarrassing myself anymore. I've found the DCS community to be very helpful and some of the mods and enhancements have been great.
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