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  1. Thanks. Snappy explained that a zero is omitted in the HSI numbers, and I had no idea about the symbols of the HSI. Now thanks to all your very helpful posts things are getting clearer. After the startup+takeoff and landing training missions, I skipped the navigation and Tacan tutorial and went to the air to air intercept. Now I know how to interpret BRA and intercept the target, but I think the navigation training mission will include more complicated features of the HSI, I might come back for more questions.
  2. Thank you that was very helpful. The mission is the 4th training mission called Air-to-air missile employment. The video was great. I was confused at first but then I figured it out. Basically, since I have no aviation background, I had no idea that the numbers of the HSI are abbreviations, meaning 30 = 300 etc. I also learned the meanings of the symbols of the HSI. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone I am a fairly new DCS player. I have been flying in DCS for about two months now with the SU-25t, and I picked up the F-5 in the Halloween sale. Before DCS I have no experience in aviation or flight sim. I come from Ace Combat. Now, on the F-5, I am learning how to intercept air targets. I came to a training exercise where the AWACS gave me a BRA call. The exercise told me to follow a magnetic course of 300. I have no idea what that means or how to do it. All tutorials on youtube and forums say the same thing, just follow the course given to you with the HSI. Yeah, but HOW? I need help I'm lost.
  4. At least fix what we have. MIG-29S (9.13) is one of the few Russian aircraft of the 90s era and that can launch R-77. Yet, its radar is somewhat broken. Fix its radar to be more like its real counterpart and give it Data Link. There are already lots of threads that talk about it and provide actual evidence. I know, probably nobody from ED is gonna listen, but what can a man do!
  5. Thank you so much for your help guys that was great.
  6. Thank you. I have been flying with the Su-25t which is an aircraft made for ground attack and close air support. I want to get to air to air fighting. Sure I am gonna buy the modern gen4 fighters some time, but I was wondering if it makes sense to learn air to air maneuvering etc on the F-5. The F-5e has been the main fighter of our air force so it represents a lot ( because it's a very old fighter our government ordered some F-16s to be delivered in 2022).
  7. Hey, guys. I've been playing DCS for about a month now and I have been playing with the su-25t. I'm looking to buy my first fighter jet. Do you recommend the F-5 for a rookie pilot?
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