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  1. Hey, thanks alot for the response. Maybe some time the AI gets better. I tried mission 09 yesterday and this one works well, except the taxiing of the B1B. But there is already a workaround in I've seen in this forum and it works well. You do really a great job with the campaigns and missions!
  2. Hi Great campaign and great work! I have a problem with mission 08. Version stable. During flying to waypoint two Metal02 Crashes in Banshee 02. This happens two times on the leg to waypoint two. After about 3 two 4 minutes formation flying at waypoint 3 I (player) follow Banshee at low level flight most of the times banshee crashes in a mountain before he reaches his ground target. Something is wrong, I think. I think i couldn't change anything in the mission with the editor, the triggers are encrypted I think.
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