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  1. when i cold started Ka-50 re-armed weapons are not recognized in weapon system:helpsmilie:
  2. If this is the last update in April, I am very disappointed. When the Hornet update was changed from two weeks to four weeks, I wanted to meet new added features to the Hornet and enjoy it without bugs. But the experience of the last two months was a disappointment. The first-month update was full of bugs and this month's update was just a hotfix, not a new feature. I think that, as a customer who paid the price of the product, Ed has an obligation to focus first on the product if it has already been released and sold to customers. Would it be acceptable if you bought a smartphone and it was
  3. hi gentleman I've always wanted to talk about Score window! it will be greatful! if score window 's devide to blue force and red force !
  4. I thinks break x in hud appear with some condition(target alevation is lower than own's ship elevation just I guess) So how can I solve this problem ?
  5. I've been waiting for this update for a long time in pain i expected that new feature is added to previous version without damaging previous versions but After this openbeta updates Radar elevation control switch doesn't work it is disappointing. and I hope it will be rectified soon I don't want to repeat a new bug every update.
  6. I really really look forward to hornet updates There should be hornet updates Today!!! Please
  7. hello gentleman i have sloved problem there is different imperial and metric in mission editor when i changed condition parameter 7000(metric) to 2133(metric) it is worked thanks you
  8. thank you for your attention i followed your instruction but it doesn't worked please look at the attached screenshot Triggers - "contiunuous " conditios - unit's altutude lower than 7000 ACTIONS - explode unit i placed my aircraft 15,000FT at mission start and i click play button to start mission As soon as I started my mission, my aircraft fell apart. it's higher than 7,000 feet little help here i want to make BVR mission for my community i want any aircrafts violating hard deck for 7,000FT will be dead i looked for the ACTIONS box but there is no "DESTROY UNIT" ins
  9. hello gentleman i need a little help about mission editor i want to make this situation 1- start mission angel 15,000FT 2- once aircraft lower than 7000FT 3- set the unit dead i used this trigger but it doesn't worked What did I miss?
  10. I wish hornet's anti coliation light is more exaggerated like a10c More flashing... You know Light is a major factor for simulation
  11. crash log file dcs.log-20180825-152802.zip dcs.log-20180825-160737.zip
  12. crash log file dcs.log-20180812-043346.zip
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