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  1. Hi All, I've redesigned the push button to fit the more popular PBS-110 Mini Push Button type. 3MF files attached. cheers John Jettison Control v2.zip Push Button Socket Tool.3mf
  2. Could it be because motion smoothing is only activated for the current focused VR application? The feature could be eating frames.
  3. I tested with Persian Gulf and Channel map, made no difference, but the Syria map performance is much improved. There must be something off with my install.
  4. Hi, Recently purchased Syria and my performance over the cities was bad. I then clicked outside of the game window and noticed the performance up a good 25%, of course the game is not operable like that. I then tried enabling Preview in the Windows Mixed Reality Portal and the frames went back up. The screenshots show it below, went from 33fps to 41fps. Have others encountered this, do I have something not set right? Preview Off - 33 fps Preview On- 41 fps Thanks. cheers John
  5. Hi, You can use a resistive ladder or shift registers to expand the number of input controls. But if you're talking about a whole cockpit I'd go the RS485 Master/Slave route. It's simple to get going.
  6. If you're using DCS-BIOS you can send the open switch cover event before sending the toggle switch event. I've done this with mine.
  7. My pleasure Barny :thumbup: I'll also redesign for a more common push button.
  8. Very impressive Deadman, you've got allot of dedication.
  9. Hi, sharing some build pics from v2 of the left panel. Custom slave ccts. Header mounted to Nano. Bus boards Cable management loops, push fit to underside of top plate. FCS Panel Rocket Cover HE sensor Fuel Panel Fuel wiring complete. FCS and Fuel panel paired. IFF and Comms panel, Nano's here also drive Antenna and APU panels. cheers John
  10. Hi All, I'm working on v2 of the panels, designing them closer to spec (MS25212). CAD work is almost complete. It's made to wrap around the Warthog throttle. Hall effect sensors on all rocket switch covers to sense when they're flipped up. cheers John
  11. Hi, I'm also an electronics engineer :) For an MFD do you need to simultaneous press two buttons at once? If not then go the resistor ladder solution. If you want any help I can send you my code. Never had any issues using it, rock solid. cheers John
  12. Cheers thanks. The top panels are airbrushed with a satin clear coat. It deapens the black and takes off the shine that accentuates the 3d printing texture. Also the tops are now printed with an ABS/Polycarbonate filament. I sand the tops of the text, clean with IPA, hand brush with white paint, air-brush satin clear coat entire panel.
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