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  1. All Ka50 content has vanished from the site. What is going on?
  2. Is anything different into it? Worth getting? I do have Flaming Cliffs and all patches!
  3. Does not look too good guys, the date at simw has changed now : http://www.simw.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=dsp_product_details&pid=1526
  4. Things have changed a bit in 1.1 . Can we get a 1.1 comprehensive list of commands? I do have a Saitek X52 and at the moment I use what it used to to be the Precog comms.
  5. Not impressive but certainly better!
  6. The correct E-mail address is under Business Information in your Paypal receipt!
  7. This is an e-mail received this morning from ED with regard to this issue: "Hello The 1.1 must be installing on 1.0, 1.01 and 1.02. But if you modified any of these versions(add or delete files, substitute skins, etc.) it might be problems. To avoid the problems for sure it much more secured to reinstall the LockOn. There is no really reason to reinstall 1.1 on the computer, since you can modify the hardware up to 40%. But if you spent all 5 activations by some reasons(???) we will review the situation and find solution. Best regards, LOFC"
  8. I have had a series of question and e-mail ED. The response was prompt and issues dealt with. If you run into any difficulty drop them an E-mail... they are very good!
  9. Can not activate! Have received an error message , key not working!
  10. 1280 x 980, 2AA, 2AF on FX53@2.6 GHz Leadtek 6800 Ultra OC@441/1.2 http://www.greenhearts.org/images/screenshots/222.jpg Who needs SLI?
  11. DITO! I am a silly boy,... thanks for the compliment, long time since I was called a boy,... you are a nice guy! Best Regards to you Carl !
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