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  1. Hi again @Badger633, Thank you again for your answer. I normally use and setup the JDAM's exactly like you mentioned. I normally set the JDAM's to TOO on the ground/deck (and normally the fuse when fencing in). I lased it because I was under the impression the TGP coordinates will be more accurate if you manually lased the point previously designated with the TDC (I actually can see a slight difference in the MSN page of the JDAM before and after lasing). I guessed what really made the diffence was actually targeting the base of the building. Always learning with your missions (since Serpent Head). Thank you, Macao
  2. Hi @Badger633, Thank you for your quick replies. Really appreciate it. I flew it again and I can confirm it worked well this time out. 420 followed me after the drop, and the SA6 activated. The only two things I noticed different this time were: I think I got a conversation with 420 near WP4 I think I did not get the other time out; I did the last stint into WP4 and WP5 around 90/100 kts slower then the first time; (I like to really change my speed and trajectories around AAA so they cannot predict so easily were I will be next); Question: I manually lased with the TPOD to the base of the building (at around 8NM) so that I could get a good hit; Did you manage to hit it with Laser? If so where did you point the TPOD to? I think the J82 is just "broken" in the current releases; Thank you again, Macao
  3. Hi @badger633, Thank you for your answer. Mission was flown after the update: Open Beta -> Difficulty: Normal Thank you for your help, Macao
  4. Hi all, Hi @Badger633, Great campaign so far. Really enjoying it. I'm having trouble regarding Mission 12. It was really hard getting the building with the JDAM's (i had to target the ATFLIR to a point in the building base, slightly offset and trigger the Laser) - I'm guessing it shouldn't be this hard with a GPS guided bomb and a big building? After that went well and got a message from the wingman saying the building was a good hit. After deplyoing the JDAM's I immediatly climbed into the layer as per mission briefing. Problem 1: Wingman seems to stay stuck in orbit near the DAM while being shot at by multiple AAA's, but still answering messages like he was on my wing; Problem 2: No SA6 (or any other RWR hostile signal) while on course to WPTY8. After crossing WPTY8 with still both HARMs under my belly I get a message of both missions objectives accomplished and we are instructed to RTB. Problem 3: While reaching about 30NM from the carrier and descending to land I get a "Mission failed" screen because the last objective was not accomplished. Attached: Tacview data so you can check it. Can you help? Currently stuck in this. Thank you in advance, Regards Tacview-20211118-211332-DCS-Persian 12 Lights out.zip.acmi
  5. Hi @Badger633, I believe the runway calls in mission 6 have a small mistake. Radio calls by atc command runway 26, but runway is marked as 25. Please see pictures below. Thank you
  6. Hi @Badger633, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I tried your tips before and still believe the AI is unusually capable comparing both aircraft. I can usually take one of them down , but I always get chased by one other. Thank you
  7. Hello all, Having a lot of fun with this campaign, especially with mission 4 until now. I'm currently stuck in mission 5 because I cannot seem to be able to clear the "Mig ambush" phase. This might be my lack of proficiency on Air to Air but I think the MIG AI is just too good in the currently open beta (I already felt this in Mission 3). I have to fire the AIM-120 from distance and they seem to engage far away and will not let you approach enough for a decent AIM-9X shot. By looking at the videos in youtube (for example by flying kenny) I certainly can see a different behaviour in my system. Any thoughts? Thank you all
  8. @Szerated: I have exactly the same problem in this mission and can't seem to finish it correctly. The datalink seems to come up very late, and also I can't get good radar lock on them until they are too close exposing me to the MIG-29's. By looking at the Redknite video for Mission 12 my radar tracks or Datalink targets don't behave the same way. I cannot get good locks on them 20 NM out as I should given it's a big group.
  9. Hi @baltic_dragon, I think I have the same problem. I cannot fire weapons until I press spacebar a number of times...This makes it really messy. The default 2nd trigger on the Hornet is mapped to the spacebar. Thank you
  10. Hi Frederf, By looking at your track file I think I pinpointed the problem on my side. Seems like my Thrusmaster Warthog Throttle Slew Sensor does not work well with DCS. As soon as I touch it seems to be constantly sending inputs (at least on the Y axis) regardless if increase/or not the Deadzone. I looked for this because in your track file I see you have the diamond as in my case I was unable to get it after I touched the slew sensor. Not sure why it works like this, but it seems to be the problem. I removed the axis mapping and used the keyboard for the TDC and it seems I does not happen. So I guess I will have to mark this sensor as useless on my throttle and find other ways of working with the TDC. Thank you for all your help
  11. I found it to be quite easy to "break it" with the following actions (and repeatable behaviour): Load Mission ATC On BALT Autopilot Mode On Select FLIR page on RIGHT DDI Select Waypoint 1 on the HSI (AMPCD) WPDSG on AMPCD SOI to Right DDI Slew with TDC (mainly up to leave the tree area) and press TDC Depress several times while focusing on the trees SOI to AMPCD Undesignate TGT Select Waypoint 2 on the HSI (AMPCD) WPDSG on AMPCD -> Cant focus anymore Steps to Replicate (Video)
  12. Here you go (video + plus mission file in the Caucusus region). Honestly I seem to "break it" real easy on my side. Just a bit of background -> I discovered this while trying to get around mission 9 of the Raven One campaign (Venom). It makes it real hard because you cannot get the TPOD on targets designated by the ground forces and even if you can the Markpoints or manual waypoints you input to center the TPOD are useless. Video in Caucusus Thank you all DebugTPOD_Cau.miz
  13. Hi Amvi, I understand your point of view but (my bad for not knowing) is there any kind of damage model/degradation related to misuse modelled into the TPOD in DCS that I'm not aware of? Thank you
  14. Hi all, Thank you for your quick answers. I still have the problem. Please see the video below (maybe its easier). After further testing it seems to work correctly until is centered on a waypoint and I start to slew the TPOD with the TDC and then choose AT or PT mode. After that I never seem to get it back (in the video I could get it back once by using VVSL mode and then undesignate, but not again). TPOD Test Video I also attach the mission I used to test it out. Thank you again, Macao DebugTPOD.miz
  15. Hi all, Have been getting inconsistent behaviour from the Litening TPOD on the F18 which makes it kind of useless for Target Spotting. I can get the TPOD to correctly point at a designated waypoint (first time after mission start) but after that it seems I cannot get it to target other waypoints or even the same waypoint. I'm aware of other reports about this in the forums. Problem is none of the "remedies" seem to work for me (getting the SOI out of the TPOD, getting the SOI on the HUD). Can you please confirm this is not expected behaviour or if I'm doing something wrong? Version: (Open Beta) Here is a track file (bigger then 5MB): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cu8d9ljfdd4z73/badtpodwayslave.trk?dl=0 Thank you in advance, Good flights to all
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