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  1. You can switch between 3x and 10x
  2. I also think the SPO-10 is a good choice by ED. On all the photos I have seen from Syria the russianMi-24p there don't have the SPO-15 antenna. And since there will be an Afghanistan map with a likely Mi-24 campaign being developed for it, I would rather have a Mi-24p that fits in this scenario aswell.
  3. haha, thank you I literally just found this out 1min ago by trial and error. thx!
  4. yes, I am starting the generators. All the main systems: HUD, ABRIS, Shkval, Navigation were working. I am sure that my imperfect way of starting up is the problem But I couldn't figure out what switch exactly I am missing. I guess I will try some stuff again later today.
  5. Hi, I have noticed minor problem in mission 2 of the pandemic campaign: when I start the helicopter manually, Skala never gives me the OK to take off so that I fail the mission if I do it anyway. when I use the auto-start functionality, everything works fine. So I am curious: Is this dependent on some specific switch that I forget to flip with my manual start-up? Thanks
  6. I agree with most people. IMHO twist stick is only manageable with rudder trim. I used this for some years but landing can be very challenging. Actual rudder pedals were a game changer for me.
  7. In this video it looks like they were resupplying these helicopters in the middle of nowhere. The vehicles don't seem to tankers. My guess is that they were either loading/unloading troops or rockets. But who knows? But I guess it is kind of a rare occurrence and not really necessary in DCS. But still cool if possible. EDIT: actually I just listened to the audio for the first time ^^ So it seems the Hind was shot down and the pilots were being rescued. So no resupply.
  8. Yeah, I agree that the blades look a little too bent when the Hind is cold. But under load they look correct I would say.
  9. here at he end you can see a Mi-24p doing a rolling landing in Syria:
  10. Pilot Mi8 also said in the recent interview that the gun of the Mi-24VP was also not very combat effective because it did not have an advanced targeting computer. The turret is not super useful if it is difficult to hit anything with it. The only Mi-24 variant with a combat effective turret seems to be the Mi-35p (or maybe the superhind) but I think its very unlikely that we will get that.
  11. here Pilot Mi-8 said that the door gunner will have a KORD machine gun this is how it will probably look like
  12. It will be modeled as a 3D model (will probably look better than in the Mi-8) but there will be no troops sitting in it when you pick them up. We will get door gunners (with the KORD machine gun) but not at the initial early access release.
  13. yes, the Hind can definitely hover but not as good as a Mi-8 or Ka-50. The Mi-8s in Afghanistan could hover to drop troops in the mountains but a Mi-24p with a full weapons load could not even take off in a hover at ground level there. At sea level it can probably hover with a full weapons load but that would be stressing the turbines a lot when done too long. thats why I only said "it doesn't like to hover" instead of "it cannot hover" I was not trying to spread the conspiracy theory that the Hind cannot hover
  14. I found that its a very good tactic for the Ka-50 and actually also the reason that I dont enjoy flying it as much. It is kind of boring to just hover and kill 12 vehicles from standoff range with vikhrs. It is very effective (in DCS) but not fun for me. Of course nobody forces me to use that tactic but since it works best for me, I do it kind of involuntarily :D. I really like the Mi-8 because I automatically do the sorts of tactics that you can see from the Hind in real life. With the upcoming Mi-24p it is cool to also have the ability to destroy some high threat targ
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