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  1. Start by cheating, don't worry about wingmen, start with 1 vs 1, use the F10 menu to see the missiles being fired at you. The tactic is to know how long you can keep flying at the enemy aircraft even if its fired at you, to help ensure your AMRAAM will at least go pitbull and also have a good chance to hit. Use the F6 missile view too. You will be surprised that you can guide your AMRAAM then make a 90 deg turn (diving turn if need be to keep speed), then another 90 deg climbing turn away, the enemy missile soon looses speed and every time it turns to track you, it loo
  2. Make sure you are extremely familiar with the cone, how to move it and shape it to find the targets initially and then how to concentrate the cone in the area of the targets so you done loose them again. Main things to know are, how to change the Elevation bar settings and what effect that has. How to adjust the radar elevation using elevation control, how to adjust elevation using the TDC, how to use Azimuth width selection to find targets and to then track them. You should be able to see a fighter size aircraft at 40nm to 80nm in idea conditions, once you get a hit on th
  3. I would go with the F18, I tried the F16 with one of the free to play deals from ED and I liked it but I prefer the F18's flight model. I have been learning it bit by bit, it takes time, and you don't want to get ahead of yourself or you end up in a mess, one thing is to learn the specific traits of the aircraft, and the F18 has many. I use the Grim Reapers videos to go over each section, they are short and to the point. If you need more details, then I check Redkits or Wags stuff. To make learning fun, I use Hoggits training server so you are flying with ot
  4. You can use the F18 on the Stennis, which works fine for basics of takeoff and landing. The Supercarrier adds a lot more though and is recommended, but try the Stennis first before parting with you money.
  5. IMO, this should be addressed before anything else outstanding for the F18!
  6. To add, I haven't found time to do more testing, too much going on. Will get to it eventually.
  7. A Super Hornet with the new clouds....that would be amazing!!!!!!!
  8. Im not posting a track until I have some good info. Tonights quick test shows online, with a few MK83, cheat start, everything worked pretty perfectly. However, after landing and rearming, I could get the bomb fall line off by 45 degrees at about 500ft. Maybe something to do with a hot rearming. I want to test this in single player so I can see if there is a pattern with multiplayer and/or rearming. Give me a few days to get some more info.
  9. I will try this again on Hoggit this evening and send a track in. Cheers
  10. I have this problem, but from airfields. Recently I'm getting upto speed on the F18s systems using the Hoggit Training server. I'm using cheat start then using all weapons until I become totally familiar with them. I can't use any weapons in CCIP though as the bomb fall line is off to the side, at 500ft agl, it can be about 20 deg off vertical, at 200ft it can be 90 deg out to the side! Also I find that when using the TGP, nearly all the time, the point where I laser designate is not where the bomb (or maverick) goes, it is always about 500ft off to the side. I can lock a static object,
  11. Done the Now or Never again, and scripts are working, maybe I missed it first time. I missed Snake the first time, LGB lock kept dropping out after a while, I did find him again...eventually, parked at the end of the road and got him, but a Mig got me....not saying too much as not to give away the story line. One improvement I would recommend, the mission where you escort the F18 back to Stennis, a good idea, not sure how realistic it is, maybe escort a C17 to an airbase of something would be cool, I think that actually a mission from F15 Baltic Dragon. Escort missions are always
  12. I have no problem tanking, but I wanted to see if changing the loadout worked, just out of interest. I think when the centre line is free, it's always good to add a tank. I had the correct Tacan and AA setup, but it just kept searching, will try it again sometime. On the mission "now or never", it would be good to have a tanker at WP3, instead of it triggering as you get to WP3, just to make it feel less of a "triggered" mission if you know what I mean. But I realise that the mission setup has limitation. On another note, the Maverick mission with JTAC; if you try an
  13. To add, I never got a tanker, completed my tasks, said to tank if needed (I didn't need as I added a fuel tank before takeoff), but Tacan would not show the tanker, so it was lucky I didn't need it.
  14. Was 25 years old when I bought Flanker 1 in 1995, been flight simming since 1985 on the ZX Spectrum.
  15. Sounds to me like a few things going on at once. My advise is to not land like a pro on your first attempts, don't start with a VRIAB (visual run in and break), start with BFM (basic flight maneuvers). First of all, you should be well trained and pro when it comes to speed, throttle, pitch and trim....in a Cessna! Not much changes for the F18, flight principles remain the same. Can you fly in a straight and level flight at 300kts clean, trimmed Can you fly at 200kts clean, trimmed Can you apply half flap, adjust power to hole IAS and fly trimmed Can you slow to 130kts full flap tri
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