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  1. Great thanks! We tried again last night and caught the whole flight, no pausing that time. Guess he just happened to hit pause at exactly 50 minutes for the first flight, heh.
  2. I had a question about timing and what goes missing with the play back delay. My friend's server didn't have Tacview installed, so I got hit with the 10 minute delay. As far as I can tell from the following logs the recording should have been on from 1:24:21 till 2:30:25, so 1 hour and 6 minutes or so. The 10 min delay means that we lose the last 10 minutes of the recording, correct? Because the file I ended up with was exactly 50 minutes, to the second. I would be missing 6 minutes or so right? The host did pause twice during the session, once seemingly around where the recording ended and once at the end of the session. Would that stop Tacview's recording? I did disconnect while it was paused as well. It just seems so random that he'd pause exactly 50 minutes into the session. 2018-06-27 01:24:10.873 INFO NET: MsgClientInit(serverTime=3800.416681, modelTime=0.000000) 2018-06-27 01:24:10.873 INFO NET: local time=134.873070, offset=3665.145903, error=0.009240, samples=67 2018-06-27 01:24:10.873 INFO NET: scheduled start at 135.271233 2018-06-27 01:24:21.315 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: Tacview is not installed on the host 2018-06-27 01:24:21.316 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: Recording flight data in [D:\Tacview Advanced\ACMI\Tacview-20180626-202421-DCS-Persian Gulf FA-18C Case I Carrier Landing MP.zip.acmi] 2018-06-27 01:24:21.316 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: Applying playback delay of 10 minutes to prevent cheating ... 2018-06-27 02:23:41.716 INFO NET: pause request at 3570.394000 2018-06-27 02:30:25.644 INFO NET: MsgClientInit(serverTime=7775.174772, modelTime=3570.298000) 2018-06-27 02:30:25.644 INFO NET: local time=4109.644171, offset=3665.126966, error=0.007598, samples=4021 2018-06-27 02:30:25.644 INFO NET: scheduled start at 4110.069262 2018-06-27 02:30:25.875 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: End of flight data recording 2018-06-27 02:33:08.224 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: During the last 600.0s an average of 0 units objects and 0 ballistic objects have been active per frame 2018-06-27 02:33:08.224 INFO TACVIEW.DLL: The average frame rate of 59.6fps would have been 59.6fps if the flight data recorder was disabled
  3. Had the same experience. Started at 25,000 ft from your mission. Stabilized flight at 25,090 flying at 196. Froze around 9 minutes in.
  4. Here's another video which shows dropping both the laser guided GBU-12 and the GPS guided GBU-38 with HOTAS and Keyboard commands. Also shows setting up Auto Lase for the GBU-12 Profile.
  5. You can also get JSGME from here as well: http://www.subsim.com/radioroom/showthread.php?t=171237 (need to register at the amazing Subsim forums to download, but it's direct from the author and not potentially sketchy download sites). Also, welcome to DCS! :)
  6. The defaults are already matching the TM Warthog as it's a replica for the real controls. When the training says China Hat Forward, you click your China Hat Forward. When you are told to TMS up, you TMS up and so on. That's why this HOTAS is so great for this game, there's no trying to remember what button/key combo does what HOTAS function since every HOTAS function is completed by it's actual button/switch/whatever. All the things people are telling you to change are just quality of life settings like if you don't have TrackIR it'll try to use your Trim Hat for view changes, so that you would want to change. The rudder pedals and need to invert the wheel brakes are related but not really part of the Warthog defaults. There's really nothing to change with the TH Warthog, it's the controller as it's supposed to work, by default. Just load the existing default profiles to erase any Logitech leftovers, make any little changes you want and enjoy.
  7. Welcome aboard Daz! :pilotfly:
  8. I've noticed this happening a lot on the NTTR map. The other thing that happens is you set the switch to INT, key the mic and the switch reverts back to VHF automatically. I'll check tonight to see if it was a case of the canopy being down but no power to the radios since I haven't really noticed it happen after switching on the battery and inverter first since I assumed that was the problem. I usually close the canopy without thinking since things get to loud usually.
  9. I think some missions can prevent that, but not sure. :)
  10. It's fun being able to start each engine on it's own without using the keyboard. :) It's also nice to be able to adjust individual engine power if you've lost/damaged one engine. Other than startup/shutdown I usually move them together though.
  11. The X-52 is perfectly fine and wonderful joystick once you find a good profile for it and can remember what combo of buttons does what HOTAS feature. The Thurstmaster Warthog is just so much better it's absolutely no comparison. Getting one will COMPLETELY change the game for you. It's absolutely worth the extra money.
  12. There is only one choice. Spend the extra $100 and fly the way you're meant to fly. Not spending that little bit extra will just cause you to have to map and remember a billion button combos instead of concentrating on just flying. The Warthog is worth every cent. For A-10C there's nothing better. Other than that the Saitek X-52 is all ya need.
  13. It's on 50% off sale again! $20 USD on the US Steam store at least 16 more hours.
  14. I spent weeks and weeks trying to get it working. It's impossible. :) heh
  15. You mean they won't work by default or you're trying to change the buttons for whatever reason and that's not working? Mine were just plug and play.
  16. Here's a bookmark I had about snap views that might help. Really you should look into getting a better profile for TrackIR, hat switch has nothing on it. Wags has a nice profile that feels totally natural and effortless that I've been using. Check his posts. :)
  17. Right, you'd uninstall (not deactivate) your standalone versions. Then you'd download and install the DCS World versions of the same products. They should remain activated for you within DCS World.
  18. :noexpression: I use Toby's checklists too, they are superb.
  19. So glad these are back! I have my set already, but I'm definitely sharing this thread with my friends who were so jealous of my covers. :)
  20. Perhaps calling it DCS Core would have been better. Calling it "World" very strongly suggests that it is a terrain you're able to explore rather than a core UI product. It's also the kind of name Microsoft would have picked. Not sure about this. :) I don't consider an interface to choose an aircraft "a world".
  21. It's up the to mission maker to inform you of what frequencies various assets are on.
  22. Aww so mean. :huh: I don't want to reject my poor little Mavs, just don't want to tumble wildly after sending a few on their way and they all jumped off one side of my aircraft. heh
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