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  1. The Rafale easily: Fitted with 14 hard points. Excellent air to air missile like the MICA Passive or Active with thrust vector control, Range from 500m to 60KM and always improved. The Scalp/Storm Shadow long-range stand-off missile. Anti-ship missiles. (Exocet) Nuclear armament. (ASMP, ASMP-A) The upcoming Meteor long-range air-to-air missile. The upcoming AASM range of modular air-to-ground weapons. Laser-guided bombs. Conventional air-to-ground ordnance. The Giat Industries Defa 791 30-mm cannon, capable of firing 2,500 rounds per minute. It can combine ground attack and air-t
  2. Originally Posted by GGTharos Or the US know the F-15C are no Match for the Rafale. Or maybe they also know they supply components to the French and know how to defeat them anyway? Ain't true the French do all their electronics and components by Thales and Sagem(Safran Group), the engines by Snecma, the airplane itself by Dassault, the 30mm canon by Giat Industries now known as Nexter, and missiles and seekers by MBDA/Thales, some missiles like the Meteor are also six partner nations.(UK,French,Germany,Italy,Spain and Sweden) The only thing that it's not French is the ejection seat
  3. ViperEagle, there has been at least one about western media keeping quiet about the flanker winnings in mock combat againts the F-15C/D, witnessed bu USAF specialists. Accompanied by an IL-76MD suppost aircraft, two operational Su-27 UBs piloted by MAJ. Gen. N. Chaga, Col. A. Kharchevskiy, and Maj. Ye. Karabasov of the VVS Combat and conversion training center in Lipetsk paid a visit to Langley AFB, VA, home of the 1st TFW. After a warm welcome and a short rest, Maj. Karabasov proposed holding session of mock combat with an F-15 over the base so that spectators could watch. However, USAF offic
  4. Very Funny:thumbdown: , but i don't think that it was the case. Zidane would never have done that without a good reason. For what i know Italian players are good to insult others. He however exit with the adidas Golden Ball, the best player to grace the world stage in Germany.:thumbup: and be forever remembered as the 2006 FIFA world cup best player.
  5. Hi, Apart for consideration that the Mig-29 series upgrade can be a possible futur add-on, what i would want is the F-18E playable to complement the F-15 and A-10, what do you guys think? It's a possibility or not? Best Regards.
  6. Sorry to contradict you but yes they all have the AESA.(F-18E/F). The APG-79 Active Electronically Scanned Array. here's a link: http://www.defense-aerospace.com/cgi-bin/client/modele.pl?prod=10766&session=dae.20094698.1145713693.REo0HcOa9dUAADouSxw&modele=jdc_1 Best Regards.
  7. yeah! perhaps your right, but the F-18E/F is a great Fighter with a lot of potentials(High AOA,etc). she can manage very well in BVR.(Having AESA Radar). But the Raptor would have the edge in the RCS and Stealth environment that will give her the initial capability for the first kill engagment.
  8. yes, new to that airplane but surely the best among them.
  9. oupss.. sorry to have missed that debate. Wasn't there last week.
  10. It looks like the day have finally come for the F-22 to be simply just Killed.(simulated of course) here is the link: http://www.strategypage.com/messageboards/messages/6-33303.asp best regards.
  11. Don't know exactly about the KUB but if i'm refering to the UBT, it will surely be the same except some new modifications of course. The UBT is the same as the SMT having a full combat capability with three screens in the rear glass-cockpit, Updated Avionics, an upgraded WCS, increased fuel capacity in a bulged fuselage spine " à la Mig-29SMT " and a flight refueling capability. It will surely be the same as the SU-27KUB.
  12. If they don't have the information for that matter(which i doubt very much, since they do have foreign), they could for a start do the same as they did for the F-15 in the game and make after the necessary corrections to suit the airplane. Best Regard.
  13. Not that much, it look like it's real multi-engagment and not a drop lock and next acquire as i can see. A good secret well guarded then.;) That's very Sad, they could have make a lot more money if so.
  14. In all my source, that it is books and Russian Aviation Web Pages they mentioned that the Mig-29s can fire two missiles at two different targets.(assuming Fire and Forget missile in the same category as the AMRAAM, the R-77) Questions: Will the next patch correct that deficiency to be as real as in the real life? why ED did not intend to programed that in the first release? also will the Mig-29M2 or Mig-35 be considered for a next patch or add-on? thanks
  15. It's just that we the French are always insulted by the English, because we are French. Because of our success(maybe some jealousy), Inovation, creation,etc. Though i will never remove what you England had created. From my childhood it was very common to see english people insulting or make fun of French just because we didn't speak the same language, how could you tell us to grown up when you can't? In your example it doesn't interac with us because it's not agains two different cultures, but i understand your point, you must know that it's sensitive in our case.
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