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  1. Blesimtek had the F-4E slated after the Mi-24P. but that all got jumbled when they were acquired by ED two years ago. so I don't think HB will be picking it up
  2. As long it's something like CA where you cannot take control but everything works thats OK. Something rediculus like "people without the module will not be engaged or be able to destroy IADS SAMs" is unacceptable. It cannot limit people ability to fly or edit the mission (you can lock out the fancy features in the editor, but don't wipe them out if someone edits the mission)
  3. will the campaign be available as COOP? or is it offline only? going over this with my PLT sounds like fun :)
  4. when the RIO arms the Aircraft, none of the weapons work. the PLT shoud set the loadout.
  5. I've just noticed that the Tactical commander gets exact position of enemy radars without any friendly units in visual range. I have a yest mission for a script I'm writing where I have a few c130s flying around at 20kft south of kobalety. Imidiatly i have exact positions on the f10 map for EW radars 60nm away. It makes no sense to me. Being aware of it's presense sure. Exact position if a unit is within visual range and with LOS, sure. But based off an RWR chirp? Not really possible.
  6. Fictional Israeli Airforce Livery, based on the 144th "Phoenix" Sq. mid 90s Livery. First of all apologies, you requested one skin submission, but these are twins and I could not bring myself to separate them Both Liveries are originally built as an F-14B Livery as will be explained below. However, in order comply by contest rules, the Gray Air supremacy Livery is submitted as a F-14A-135-GR Livery, while the Desert camo is submitted as F-14B. In 1994 the IAF received a squadron for USAF surplus F-16A/Bs, they remained in their original USAF gray for a few years slowly bei
  7. Any chance anyone has enough LUA skills and time to set us up with YT chat as well?
  8. I've played on a 50+ slot server last week. i flew a BB off the Stennis. I've had several successful startups after a deck misshap (Non SC and no external views. I had been disconnected bfrom CAT on full power). Anyway, I have been shot down by AIM-120, ejected and respawned in the same slot before aircraft crashed into the ground. When respawn, GC will not connect electrical power nor the huffer. So I was not able to startup. I've tried exiting and retaking the slot. I've tried another slot on a different carrier. And even tried disconnect and reconnect to the server (hadn't tried r
  9. Initially 54As were only reserved for fleet defence missions. CAP were flown with 4*7+4*9. Only the 90s did the 54Cs were cleared for Tactical engagement (i.e dogfights). Currently all 54 varients are pretty much the same in respect to tactical engagment. However, the C had much better processors. I have no evidence but I assume that the Cs had better guidance logic allowing it to have better energy management in flight and better logic in terminal guidance. (In additional to better ECCM and probabaly much smaller doppler gate and better target re-aquesition)
  10. Flight sims can be misleading you into thinking somethings are working in a specific way, where the mechanics in the Real world dictates something else. You really need to look at documentation to avoid those pitfalls. For example flaps, lots of people insist on misusing in this bird. Flap handle Is a lever with long travel, but it's not an axis, there is only up and down. (No partial flaps) And You are not ment to use them over 225kts or over 3Gs or so. Manuver flaps do their thing automatically you can force them with DLC. But everyone keeps forgetting that the DLC is a self cent
  11. AFAIK, it's a frame limit not an engine limit. Its temperature limit for the canopy and other frame componenets. Engine itself is fine. Both the -229 and -129 are used by the F-15E which has higher top speed. In some contdtions the airframe can give you more then it can handle. Engine limitations do exist, like engine RPM must remain above some value when supersonic. You can pull throttle to idle, but engine will be maintaining near MIL till speed drops (engine controller logic, just like nozzle maintaining combustion chamber pressure)
  12. When switch in "Preset" radio is in guard. When on "guard" radio accepts presets.
  13. I guess I'll need to record a track and play it back twice once in VR and once in "2d" with same settings and see how much of this is due to VR being enabled.
  14. it must be a VR thing then. because this is my experience with HIGH vis range (I bumped it up from MED to test) but I've seen it also in Caucasus map. so maybe it's a "VR optimization" thing?
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