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  1. I will say the knob at the top right for on/off looks more rounded in the photo, and the bottom middle button of the MFDs kinda have a reddish glow to them.
  2. I believe the flight computer does that so the missile smoke won't be ingested while in afterburner, I don't think it's because actual smoke goes in.
  3. When this happens again, push the A/S1 button, does it say UNK UNK UNK and then has the arms listed?
  4. I have experienced this myself. I can't reliably replicate it.
  5. no, after. As you can see, I flew up, fired weapons, requested rearm, and it completed, then I hit the 'load' button - SD10 were correctly showing quantity 0 (zero). I changed quantity to 1, it went red. I changed it to LD-10, it disappeared, changed it back to SD-10 and set quantity, and it went green. It's all in the track file.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's not fuel flow, as it doesn't appear the engine is even on, and he's got spped break out, and he's pulled the emergency brake.
  7. You have to switch targets manually, it doesn't do that automatically anymore since two versions ago.
  8. That's not the same model that's in the game (more buttons so its Block 2 or 3) and that's a photo from the pilot's lap, not from his head.
  9. I reloaded after a mission, manually used the 'load' (even with the bugs with that) and I was able to get it to work, but I refilled chaff and flares as well, and the numbers didn't update, there doesn't seem to be a way to change the number loaded unless you ask the ground crew to update the DTC. Also, just taking out and re-inserting DTC doesn't work, It should work, as the data in the DTC wouldn't be cleared when loaded would it? idk if this is a bug or not, but is there really no way to set the chaff/flares numbers manually? also it appears to load from the DTC 'EWS' section, not 'SRS'.
  10. how to get the log and/or track instructions here would definitely help with that issue.
  11. uploaded track file weapons manual loading issue.trk also this is with the patch released today
  12. nice! Always wondered why that displayed all weird.
  13. also and I've seen other diagrams that say you can have a double stack of PL-5Es on 2 and 6
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