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  1. There's your problem. You are letting emotions get it the way. Just stop.
  2. Dear God people, you are making a mountain out of a molehill. If OP used the search function he would have learned that the Litening pod was a stopgap between us having to enter co-ordinates of targets manually and the ATFIR pod. There is no "betrayal" of the community nor any "burning of bridges". Stop trying to make this a controversy and stop acting like spoilt children.
  3. It's not just Kaspersky reporting edCore.dll Zonelabs is reporting edCore.dll as ransomware.
  4. But their whinning will fall on deaf ears as they will not have any evidence to prove that the Su-27S has this capability (because it doesn't). Unlike the MiG, where there was a video posted on these forums back in 2006 showing this ability.
  5. Many are forgetting though that the 25T is no longer a part of FC3 and is included with DCS world. The 25T can (and probably will) be worked on at a later date and isn't tied to any deadline involving FC3
  6. Not necessarily. ;) There is also a track floating about the forum of said drunken night landing on the Kuz.
  7. Sweet. I think I will have to reproduce my Su-25T/Kuznetsov night landing in rough weather/seas while drunk.... :pilotfly: :lol:
  8. Still no joy... This is getting frustrating. :protest:
  9. The version on the site is 1.2.0 This is the newer version, un-install the old one and install the new version + new modules.
  10. People actually believes "Britains Faux News"? Any credible sources? Their video doesn't show anything that their report claims. BTW, there is nothing "military or aviation aspect" to that report, just the usual one sided, right winged claptrap from the owner of faux news. So why is it here?
  11. Even if it was shot down, like I suspect, they are not going to admit it anyway. Too much of a propaganda coup for Libya. Nice to hear that the Pilot and WSO was picked up ok, hopefully without any injuries.
  12. As I explained in this thread, unless this has changed, there is no way that ED could release a Hi-Fi F/A-18 module for DCS. Next module for DCS should be the F-16C AFAIK. Cockpit screenie looked like a Block 42 variant according to viper buffs.
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