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  1. I think you got me wrong here. What I mean is that I wouldn't introduce a silver-bullet-aircraft because it would ruin the game and that weapons, radars, jammers and performance data should be adjusted within the limits. i.e. introduce fighter X with version 4 and not 6 or there are two sources with different turn-rates so use pessimistic one because it would be on level with the rest of the "modern" fighter modules in dcs and would be fair and funny for everyone. So simply decide in favor of fairness of no (pecise) data is available. All this is what I would do. But nevermind. This discussion doesn't seem to be fruitful since it quickly turned into "which is the best fighter" like "which operating system is the best" or "which religion is better" making the F-16 fanboys come over and highjacking the thread like 12 year olds. Meanwhile, with the few useful comments, I could sort some issues out. Thank you for that, I'm out.
  2. Thanks for clarification. I hope this will change in the future.
  3. Hey hi. Can someone point me to some up-to-date documentation or thread regrading map creation. I'm basically looking for what tools are required, map folder structure, file format specification etc. Cheers, Bob
  4. Iraq would be a must-have since this the theatre with the most Mig encounters in younger history. Also it would be a perfect environment for the almost all modern classics in DCS. F-14, F-16, F/A-18, AH-64 etc. Afghanistan is also very important from a historical standpoint The same for Balkan and Libya. I'm honestly wondering a bit that Iraq is not there already in sufficient detail. If anyone started on this in a community project just let me know. I would love to help! Cheers, Bob
  5. Well ... no. I actually didn't want to reply because I find flame wars annoying. Also I hate reading long texts. All I wanted to know is if I suck or if the way the hornet radar works might not 100% be as intended (in the game). I'm sure that ED peeps doing the best they can to get flight models, weapons and radars as close the real fighters as they can. Nevertheless I believe there is not much available data publicly available to get it spot on. Also there might be considerations involved to balance the different aircrafts such that i.e. one turns faster, the other climbs better and the third has the better radar. At the end of the day it is software. Some devs might produce bugs the others misundertood the feature. Who knows what the reason is. One more thing: I really enjoy the enthusiasm of all the people here. Some, however referncing Wikipedia and thinking ED is wrong i.e. about the range of the AMRAAM or the rate of turn of some aircrafts and demand ED to fix it. I really enjoy the discussions here and how ppl search, find and present valueable information. Sometimes though the tone is way to harsh. What is your qualification?
  6. Balkan Afghanistan Irak Ich wäre auch dabei wenn jemand aus der Community damit starten würde.
  7. +1 Programing JDAMs on free flight servers is a pain and error prone
  8. Hey, I am new to this forum and this is also my first post so hi to everyone. I played the F-15 in Lock-On many years ago and came back to DCS as soon as I could afford reasonable hardware, mostly flying F/A-18C. I took my time to study the F/A-18C in trainings and missions and jumped into multiplayer when felt ready. I really love the Hornet. There is one thing though I noticed that seems to be a bit odd to me. I know that there are many exprerienced people knowing their aircraft well but when going up against F-16 I almost always loose. When even beeing able to get LNS it looses track quite often. Sometimes I only see the the contacts on DL and they shoot at me before I even can get a radar contact. Also if I am lucky, obtain a lock and firing AIM-120C at RMax i get hit first even if I am in a better position energetically (higher/faster). So in general from my position the F-18C radar seems to be much weaker (maybe just more realistic) than that of the F-16. So what I did is getting the F-16 module and for me it really seems like the F-16 obtains locks earlier and looses it less often. This is not about dogfighting, just BVR. Do you have made the same experience? Is the F-18C buggy, is it more realistic or is the F-16 OP? Does anyone know how the F/A-18C performs against the F-16C in BVR in real life? How do you perform against the F-16s in DCS? Cheers, Bob
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