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  1. Well, we do have Arstotzka and MGS liveries, so why not: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318759/
  2. That and the currency exchange rate for fellow non-Amerians. Userpic checks out Steam contractually compels publishers to state the release date, but it says nowhere it can't be moved. It's basically a placeholder but generally ED do try to estimate it. Probably sooner than that.
  3. Well, it's only a second's worth of thrust, and having as many sticks as the opposition kinda matters. And the ignition pauses even if you launch from outer pylons, so not much of a difference.
  4. Combined Arms players: - Brace yourselves...©
  5. Unless they are some of the oldest DCS modules around, namely the Shark and Su-25T. The BS3 that we're getting is even less than that, it's a project of further development of original prototypes. They were going to make this but added a two-seat glass cockpit and a radar and called it a Ka-52 Alligator while the prototype that we're going to have has never left the drawing board. I get it, it's a tight situation of having to choose between making something or not making anything at all because of Russian legislation, but that's not to say I would say no to interesting designs that could have been and that do, in fact, have some basis in reality. And what I wouldn't give to fly Su-47 and MiG-1.44, at least in a game...
  6. No, because if you catch 5 wire he will be silently shaking his head in disbelief
  7. Yes, the autopilot yaw channel. Originally it turned itself off when you touched the pedals, now it only disengages temporarily.
  8. It appears the RWR is after-market as well, seeing how in Caucasus 2v2 Instant Action mission the wingman reports nails from 12 o'clock. The original MiG-19 RWR only reported emissions from the rear not unlike the P-51 rear view radar (except it worked in reverse ofc), and the Mig-19P proper didn't have even that.
  9. Один в один мой случай. У меня так регулярно бывает на каждом ЛА вообще. И у меня проблема именно в джойстике. В настройках управления открой настройку оси джойстика, вдоль которой он у тебя шарахается, и аккуратненько, одним пальцем покачай джойстик туда-сюда. По центру картинки будет точка, которая показывает сигнал от джойстика. Если она не плавно перемещается, а мгновенно телепортируется в сторону на полсантиметра-сантиметр за раз, когда ты шевелишь джойстик одним пальцем буквально на один-два градуса, то именно в этом проблема и состоит. Я-то знаю, у меня (надувая щеки) Genius MaxFighter F-16U, если найдешь, что это такое. Калибровать при помощи DXTweak2 приходится регулярно, и то половина хода ручки вниз уже попросту отсутствует. Но тебе дорога не в DXTweak, а в настройках оси в игре установить ползунок мертвой зоны больше хода этого люфта, но все равно как можно меньше, пока РУС не перестанет колбасить.
  10. Well, now you know why folks make such a big deal out of it for the Hornet, the Viper and whatnot. Especially in multiplayer there's a difference between clicking your mouse a few times and typing in every digit for every waypoint yourself. While we're at it, in the Tomcat you can order Jester to make waypoints out of your F10 points. You still have to tell him what's what but he'll be the one doing the typing while you tend to other things.
  11. That's basically the whole point. You can make your own waypoints on the F10 map, tell the chief to update the cartridge, then load it and your waypoints will be right there.
  12. I humbly request the Calipso livery. In 2001-2002 in Sierra-Leone this chopper has been flying over the Atlantic ocean, something went wrong and the chopper went for a little drink, then pulled up and carried on like nothing happened Photos and story (in Russian) here: https://www.yaplakal.com/forum2/topic334149.html
  13. See above. Also the red lights next to the gear and the arrestor hook handles indicate that the gear/hook is in transit. Once it reaches the end position and locks in place the light goes off.
  14. Took the Croc out yesterday after a break and noticed that the rudder trim aka yaw stab does not turn off when I touch the pedals. I mean it does disengage (when the yellow lamp is on), but then it stays on while earlier it just turned itself off. I can't tell you how much easier it is to land now because the rudder trim cancels out the yaw momentum that occurs when you move the collective. Another tip for landing is to keep an eye on the Doppler VVI instead of the stand-alone one you normally look at. It's fine in regular flight, but when you're low and slow enough for the DISS indicator to kick in, the arching scale to the left of the drift needles shows your vertical velocity as measured by the DISS which is a lot more accurate and responsive than the regular VVI.
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