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  1. Ok thanks so much for the help! I was thinking about using Cinema4D but will choose 3dsMax instead.
  2. Hi guys, Does modding in DCS support FBX import/export? I heard that you can only use 3dsMax and you must use emd-files? Is that really true?
  3. My baby has arrived!! Thank you ED!!
  4. Quick note, as Wagner states in video below, confirming positions is only required during normal alignment, it is not required in stored alignment. Another important reminder from Mr.Wagner, please dont rearm & refuel during the alignment as it will throw off the alignment.
  5. I really love the fact that it is in active service around the world, and I get to fly it in DCS at the same time.
  6. It is very important to confirm the position with enter key during the alignment. Please see the Eagle Dynamics F16 user manual below, I have marked the text with red arrows.
  7. I love the F-16 aswell. I have moved over from JF-17 to the Viper. The Jeff was ok but the Viper is on another level. I love the F-16 engine sounds, the instruments and the weapons. All the weapons in the F-16 is fun to use, I don't know why, but I really enjoy using them!!
  8. Awesome whishlist guys! Some really nice picture aswell! I think I need to add the Mosquito to my list, I always wanted to fly a twin engine ww2 bomber. As someone suggested time period maps such as Korea would be epic, poor ED they have so much work to do! But no worries I will help the funding with my Visa
  9. You guys have made me a VR pilot you are awesome! I am saving up now and will buy the Reverb 2 during this autumn. I let you know how it works when I tried it
  10. Thank you so much for your reply! Once again your cleared all my questions in a very easy way to understand. It looks like I have a USB 3.0 C connection aswell, it is on the third picture from above, the red usb connection with a number 10 on it, I found thos picture on the internet and it has the same symbol:
  11. Hi here are some pictures of my computer. All I can see is that I have one DiplayPort but further down I have 4 more ports and I am not sure what those are, are those DisplayPorts aswell? I was also wondering if I have a USB 3.0 C connection, can you help me find it, it is a requirement for Reverb 2 aswell?
  12. Hi guys What incoming modules are you looking forward to the most? I am curious to hear your opinions! Feel free to post pictures of the airplanes if you want, a picture say more then a thousand words! For me personally I am really looking forward to the F4U Corsair, I am really hoping for some WW2 carrier landings at the Marianas Map. I am also very much looking forward to the MIG-23, it really looks like a angry predator ready for some cold war action!
  13. Hi uboats thanks for the reply I really appriciate it ! That is great news that the engine sounds are being worked on! Makes me very very happy! Ok so the refuel probe is in the main meny now? Wow that is amazing!! I can´t tell you how thankful I am!! You guys are amazing, what a wonderful development team and community this is!!
  14. Ok I will post a picture tomorrow my connections and my computer rig (Im away from town today on family meeting), thanks guys
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