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  1. Okay thank you ! The fact was i'm littly sad about the armament of the mirage 2000 (Any air/ground missile / antiship missile) but i still love this plane cause he's coming from my country !
  2. Hello everyone ! I bought your brilliant Mirage 2000 and i have some questions concerning your futur development about it. => I saw it's the C version for grounds attack and air superiority but i saw some people talked about the "2000-5" version you could develop. I think your "C" version is a mix of some version of the existing plane , taking some elements from each release. My question is : Will you add armaments like : - MICA - Apache - SCALP - Exocet ? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone ! i have a question concerning the "Roadblock/RoadDam" element in DCS mission editor, i saw i could "link" something to the structure but i didn't found what i could link. => Is it possible to make some infantry check the vehicle comming automaticaly ? or should i create my own script ? Thank you !
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