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  1. I watched two videos you made : -Virpil VPC Joystick - configuring shift state Tutorial -VPC Virpil software tutorial - Button configuration I'm sorry, but I don't understand what I don't do well. Can you tell me where my mistake is?
  2. hello I bought a VPC control panel#1 and I would like to understand how to program the SHIFT mode. I activate the SHIFT mode with button 18 (T3). In SHIFT mode 1, the physical button 2 = logical button 2. In SHIFT mode 2, I would like to have button 2 = logical button 42. But it doesn't work because logic button 42 is not recognised in DCS, for example. I think that DCS only recognises physical buttons, not logical buttons. I would like to know if it is possible to configure logical buttons with a number greater t
  3. usul

    PZ69 and DCSFP

    I don't know why bur yet everything is going well. Sorry Thank for this software!!
  4. Hi I have a little problem with Dcsflightpanels and DCS-BIOS. Everything works fine except the PZ69 which seems not to communicate. I think I have a problem with the "ID instance" which should not be the same as the default in DC-BIOS. But, I don’t know how to change it because in the bindings programs I downloaded (for the A10C) it doesn’t appear. Thanks for your help.
  5. I again tried with and without push button. But it's better now, i dont know why. Pins 22 & 23 work fine with encoder and with push button. Still nothing with pins 24 & 25. Thank you!
  6. It's not a resistor, it's a diode. It's required to elmininate the ghost effect.
  7. Thank You Ian Another sketch about my push button. And I'm sure, it works well (number 17). Sketch false?
  8. Hi Overpro! I wish you a good new year. This time, i need your help about cabling. This is what I have done : The push button works well, but nothing with encoder. Where is the mistake? Thank you!
  9. Hi overpro With your new file, it is working very well! Thank you very much
  10. Yes, i'm using flip 3.4.7 build 112. I don't understand either I'm going to try with another computer. Thank you for the link
  11. Hi overpro and thank you I try it but Flip send me this message : cannot open file Other thing : im looking for encoders as yours. where do i find them?
  12. Nice work What is your encoder? With FLIP, I can't load the cvpArduinotest-131126.
  13. I tried a solution (this one : http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=94773&page=3 , #27), and now it works well. Thank you
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