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  1. Woot! Just came across this link! when is Eagle Dynamics going to rock the Sim world with this plane...and Glass Cockpits too please *big grin*
  2. Whatever you do, AMD is the right way to go for gaming. Don't buy an Intel processor if you want to play games. If you doubt me do some research at any hardware site that has done comparisions between the latest Intel chips, single or dual core, and the latest AMD Athlon/X2 processors. I'll reserve judgement on what ATI's crossfire can do until after it's released to public and the reviews start coming in.
  3. Yes...that is what I thought. But no joy. Changed the time there, the time in teh briefing is set to 1300 hrs, but when I start the game, it is still night which means the time is still set to 2300 Hrs. It is the A10 offensive CAS mission, and it is not classified.
  4. Subject says it all. I can't figure out how to change the start time of one of the A10 missions. It currently is a night mission, I want to change the start time. How do I do that? Thanks for any assistance.
  5. I've seen texture packs out there. Definitely the original textures would be modified.I've seen sound files, the original soundfiles are either replaced or modified.I've seen Loadouts and modified log files. If the files were not based on the original files, they wouldn't work with the game. But, if someone else has said the original EULA made even sharing missions illegal, then I guess no one pays attention to the EULAs. I just did because of the whole StarForce issue and I was surprised by what was there.
  6. "You may only modify the "Program" for your own usage. Placement of any parts of the original or modified "Program" on the Internet" To me, that means that you can adjust Program files for your own usage only.Remember, that the definition of PROGRAM is ALL the files in the LockOn directory, including Textures, resources, Data directories etc. They were *very* specific about that: "that contains executable programs, libraries, resources, ***sound files***, data files and ***textures***." Placing any of the original files , or files that you have adjusted on a website or any other o
  7. I refer specifically to this line in the EULA, which all of you that have installed LOMAC 1.1 have agreed to : "You may only modify the "Program" for your own usage. Placement of any parts of the original or modified "Program" on the Internet, or any other open resource, is prohibited" And if there were any doubts as to what Program refers to, it does refer to the complete LOMAC 1.1 game : ""Program" hereinafter refers to the Unofficial Add-on "Flaming Cliffs" for "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" PC entertainment flight simulation. The Full Installation Package of the "Program" includes:
  8. This has already been done by a Russian group. A fully moving online map of the planes that are present on the server. http://lockon.but.ru/ Apparently it has been up for quite a while as well. THere must be simple forumlae that can be used to convert one method of positioning to the other. A programmer would be able to apply the forumlae to produce the desired lat and long results. There should not be much overhead for these calculations at all.
  9. The proportions on the F14 look off.
  10. heh heh heh. There you're assuming that people want to eventually fly the game without any external views, realisitic loadouts, realistic fuel etc. etc. Has it ever occurred to the 'hardcore' crew that there are many, many people playing the game and totally loving it on Easy or Medium mode who simply would not enjoy playing it on Hard(core) mode? :) *sneaks off to see what this LOPE thing is all about* ^_^ *chuckle*
  11. Why can't people allow others to play the game how they want? Don't like it? Don't fly on those servers or play with those people. Heck, this is the first time I've actually heard about doing anything like this with LOPE anyways. Some people have no desire to play this game in 'hardcore realistic' mode. Should they therefore not purchase or play the game?
  12. Gamespot has a post on Copy Protection in games nowadays that forcibly disable software on people's machines: http://www.gamespot.com/features/burningquestions/index.html?tag=boxcar_all_features_headline "Personally, I'm not against the notion of copy protection, but how it exists in its current form is rather ridiculous. I can't stand the notion that a game that I bought actually won't run just because I have CD-burning software on my machine. Besides, it's not like there aren't ways to get around that stuff, so how effective can it really be? Is it really worth alienating those law-a
  13. It was the same with all the other patches. They kept getting pushed back. Nothing new here at all.
  14. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?q=Y&a=tpc&s=400102&f=2881085392&m=8631081492&p=4 It actually is widespread enough to get it's own sticky thread. Hopefully we won't have the same issues with LOMAC 1.1 . Of course, there are several people that are playing the game without any issues as well :)
  15. The link is on the main LOCK ON website. Log in ,download it and run it. It will ask you to restart your system after it's run. I ran it, rebooted, and had no ill effects so far. It seems to be the same utility that was on the Starforce website previously, but I'd say to be safe download the one provided on the Lock On website. Kudos.
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