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  1. Extract attached file to: c:\users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS\ It passes IC just fine. But yes, I would agree about them hopefully toning down reflections to a reasonable level in the future, especially in VR. The ones currently in the game look good in screenshots, but are far too unrealistically obstructive. temp_v4.zip
  2. In real life maintenance crew could perform a compass swing to fine tune it and also provide a written record with corrections, but I suspect they may just need to tweak some variables for the map in question if it's not giving proper readings (or maybe there is a bug in the code somewhere). As far as its practical use goes in the sim goes, as long as it's pointing in the right general direction, that works fine as you navigate primarily using landmarks primarily anyway (in conjunction with a slightly inaccurate compass). If you're trying to do extended navigation with dead reckoning over cloud cover, well... Good luck! Hopefully they are able to fix it.
  3. That's a repeater compass (it's receiving a signal from a master compass that you don't really see), same idea as the ones in the axis planes. Yeah, the gauge itself (needle) is probably powered electrically. The compass you see in the P47 is a plain old whiskey compass. Just a compass card floating in fluid. Both aircraft also have Directional Gyros to go along with these that you have to manually set and resync with the repeater compass (p51) or the whiskey compass (p47) from time to time -- these DGs are what get powered by suction spinning the rotors inside them.
  4. Don't know what else to tell you, bud. Pretty sure that's what they are and how they work. They were probably powered by vacuum suction, and so their ability to stay synced may depend on the vacuum pump which would be in turn powered by the engine -- so taxi may give enough suction to keep it set on one plane but not the other with a low power setting. One could also be electrically powered (don't think this is likely). Probably could also depend on how they've simulated the DG or the suction pressure in the game. One could just be coded differently than the other. Who knows.
  5. Both are directional gyros -- just dumb, they need to be matched to the magnetic compass, and they will fall out of sync with time or sporty maneuvering. This is how they work and it's completely normal. I think it's just a coincidence if it happens to match the compass on mission start (I think it may depend on orientation of the aircraft on mission start, or maybe something in the mission settings).
  6. It's just a DG, not an actual compass. You have to manually match it to the magnetic compass.
  7. @NineLine Hey friend, I know this one has been reported, but the fix is literally changing just two instances of the number "4" to a "2" in the lua file. It makes no sense that it's been a few patch updates and this has persisted -- is there not some way to nip this one in the bud?
  8. Hey this is interesting, @NineLine. I had always assumed that big fireball effect you see sometimes was some kind of fuel explosion. Is that not what it is? Or is it simply the ignition of fuel that's already being vented as opposed to fuel exploding in the tank?
  9. Sorry didn't mean to derail the topic. I thought @grafspee did a good job of explaining that they were comparative unicorns. I guess it depends if you want the sim to model the reality of the situation and time (many more D9s were manufactured), or if you want it to showcase something ultra-rare and interesting. Ideally we'd have both, but with the fidelity with which they model their aircraft, it may be prohibitive for ED to do that. I know for me personally, if they have to pick one course of action, I would prefer they model the most common one -- that way it allows for more realistic scenarios across the board, whether playing online or off.
  10. You’re flat out wrong, except for the 51. The spit is thoroughly and completely outpaced, meaning it is no threat whatsoever unless they catch you unaware. Similarly, a 47 has amazing instantaneous turn, but will quickly bleed energy and be unable to regain it and it will get outrated, out accelerated, and outclimbed after one turn — literally all the non-juiced Dora pilot has to do is fly straight in a shallow climb. Again, what is your actual experience online? I am starting to doubt you know what you’re talking about.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong: It will outrun the spit handily; out rate and out accelerate and out climb a 47 (I don't think the 47 starts to match its speed until you get up high); and it's pretty toe-to-toe with the mustang, with the 51 having a slight edge in speed, but slower in roll and larger radius and slower rate of turn at lower speeds. All of that while outgunning all of the allied fighters. Have you flown it online without the MW50? I have quite a bit and I feel it dominates everything with only the 51 coming close. What has been your experience?
  12. As somebody who flies in VR I tend to think the way they do reflections needs to be re-examined a bit. Don't know the details on the tech that they use or what changes are in store, but a big problem is that we can't focus like we can in real life -- that is to say, we can't look through/past the reflections as we can in the real world. I hope they attempt to at least address this when they take a closer look at their VR support, and if it is a problem that can't be solved on the tech side, I think the opacity of the reflections needs to be greatly reduced, or it should be a client-side option.
  13. was I not allowed to use a dora? wasn't the guy talking about the californian giant slip the dora pilot? Edit: @fapador Hey sorry just reading back over some of the other posts, and I realize you may have been talking about the 109 specifically. Thought you were talking about the sim in general. Anyway, I agree the 109 isn't as easy to slip as it seems to me the ailerons aren't as effective in opposing the roll coupling, but nevertheless you can still slip: https://streamable.com/rxfevj Is it true to life? I don't know, but I don't think it's unreasonable.
  14. @fapador https://streamable.com/46uc0h Please excuse the blur and shake, was a recording of the VR mirror. Tacviews included so you can see the "massive" longitudinal axis angle off from vector through the air. Second was power-on, just for fun.
  15. I think you may have misunderstood me: I fly the FW190 D9 quite a bit online and it's very competitive even without the MW50. I am not sure what to tell you, friend. For my money I still think it's better than the other warbirds even without the additional boost.
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