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  1. I am starting up my Streaming setup and I am curious about something. I have my DCS World OB setup on my Main screen and my Streamlabs OBS set up on my portable monitor by Asus. How do i set it up in game that lets me move my mouse to the portable monitor where all my streaming stuff is without pausing the game when i click on something on the second monitor? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your help everyone. This server will not really be a 24hr server. I will have people who can remote in and launch it if they are looking to play. Also its starting to be winter. Max i will run server at one time might be 6 hrs
  3. How do you set up a Deadzone for the ACE Interceptor Pedals in the software?
  4. I was wondering will a Intel NUC i7 with 32GB of ram be enough to run a 10-15 player dedicated server? https://www.newegg.com/intel-bxnuc10i7fnhn1-nuc-10/p/N82E16856102303?Item=N82E16856102303&Description=intel nuc&cm_re=intel_nuc-_-56-102-303-_-Product&quicklink=true The above is what i was looking at getting. Thanks in advance
  5. Like the title says does anyone have any blank MT-50CM2 Stick and MT-50CM3 Throttle templates that I can print out?
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